How To Change Fonts On Xiaomi Smartphones

How To Change Fonts On Xiaomi Smartphones

Learn how to change fonts on Xiaomi smartphones in a matter of minutes.

How To Change Fonts On Xiaomi Smartphones

This is a simple to follow guide, even if you don’t have any experience with mobile phones or Xiaomi in general.

Customizing your phone with the fonts you like and you easily read will transform your whole experience; if you never did it before, do it now.

Before showing you how to change fonts on Xiaomi, you need to know some cool facts about Xiaomi.

3 Cool facts about Xiaomi that you absolutely need to know

It is way too awesome to not know these facts about Xiaomi.

Here are the 3 facts.

1. The company sold 2.11 million phones in a single day, holding the Guinness world record.

2. Xiaomi means Millet and Rice. This is a Buddhist concept that means starting from the bottom before aiming for the top.

3. Since 2017, Xiaomi has been the top smartphone company in India, the world’s second-largest market in the world.

Awesome, right?

How to change fonts on Xiaomi smartphones

Changing fonts on Xiaomi smartphones is as simple as it is for other types of operating systems like iOS and Android, or maybe even easier.

The first thing you need to do, only if you live in Spain and you want to change the fonts, is to change the region.

Change the region from Spain to another country

From a reason that I don’t know, Xiaomi phones that preconfigured for Spain don’t let you “play” with fonts.

So, change the region to any other.

The process is simple and it will take you under 1 minute.

1. Go to Settings

2. Head to Settings additional

3. Now go to region.

4. Change the region from Spain to India if you are looking for the most configuration options for fonts and typefaces.

Have in mind that the operating system will not require you a restart of the device.

The simplest way to replace the system font with the one that you like

To do that, you will have to follow 4 steps.

1. You start by going to the Themes app.

2. Now tap on the icon T uppercase.

3. From this place you can download and install all the fonts you like. Most of the fonts are free and even the premium ones are affordable.

Don’t forget to tap on Apply.

4. Now you have to restart your device so the change to take effect.

Going back to the default operating system font or changing the font again

No matter the reason, you might want to go back to your default operating system font.

Here is what you need to do.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Now go to Screen.

3. You will see a new section named Source (this section appears as long as you haven’t changed the region back to Spain).

4. From this place you can go back to your default operating system font (robot is the original) or you can choose new fonts, or delete styles.

You can also adjust the size of text from XS, S, M, L, XL, to XXL.


It is very simple to change fonts on Xiaomi smartphones, it might be even easier than doing the same on iOS and Android.

The great thing when we customize our smartphones with the fonts we like and with the text size we read best, is that the experience we have with our devices is heavily improved.

And the great thing is that we are doing for free.

Please share the article with all your friends that use Xiaomi smartphones, they will love to play with the fonts on their devices.