Launch Your Own Blog In 1 Hour Or Less

Launch Your Own Blog In 1 Hour Or Less

I will show you how to launch your own blog in 1 hour or less. The process is simple to follow, and quick, no matter your level of experience.

Launch Your Own Blog In 1 Hour Or Less

You don’t need any special skills, experience, or know-how, to follow this guide. This is the simplest guide, and the most complete one, that you need to quickly launch your own blog.

When I say blog, I mean a professional blog, not that super basic blog that you can do on or any other websites.

Let’s start.

What you need

To launch your own blog, your need 3 things.

Domain name

If you want your blog to be international, it is best to get a .com domain. This costs around $10 per year.

Or you can get a local domain, .uk, .it, .ro, etc, if you want to write for your local audience.

It is true that you can a local domain and get visitors from all parts of the world, but when you have a local domain, people believe that you are writing content for a specific part of the world, not for all. And this is true.

That is why it is important to get the right domain from the start.

TIP: Do your research to find a great blog name. Don’t get a blog name that is similar with an existing one, be original. Also search your potential blog name on social media, you want to make sure that it is available


Your blog, which is actually a website, will be hosted on a server. This is how the internet works, and how people can access your blog.

You will need a very basic hosting package.

That costs $1.88 per month.

TIP: A shared hosting package is more than enough to get it started. Only after you reach a significant amount of monthly visitors, you should upgrade the hosting package. But the costs will remain small.

The platform that you will use to design and build your blog, and after that to write content.

There are many platforms that you can use to launch your blog. You can even use website builders, or platforms like (a website that offers you all the tools to write content but you don’t own it, it is theirs, they get all the benefits from your content).

What I highly suggest is to use WordPress. This is by far the most popular and appreciated platform to use for blogs and all kinds of websites.

WordPress is 100% free to use, it is highly customizable and configurable, it is secure, and it is super simple to work with.

Even beginners and total newbies will find WordPress to be brilliant.

All the above 3 things, you will get from Namecheap. I recommend Namecheap because I am using and for me it is the very best.

I used this solution for over 7 years now, for over 10 websites of mine, and everything was always perfect.

But there are probably also other solutions in the market.

You will pay for the domain name and the hosting package, and Namecheap will install WordPress for free.

All of the above will take you 5-10 minutes.

TIP: Namecheap support is awesome, they are super friendly and they respond immediately. Ask them everything you need regarding domain, hosting, WordPress installation and any problem that you will encounter after you start using your blog.

Launching your own blog

As you just noticed, it is not so hard to launch your own blog.

After these 3 initial steps, you did over 50% of the work.

The next 50% is to find a free template for your blog, and customize it with your name.

Search on Google for free WordPress templates, and you will find tons of them. After you find one that you like, install it on your WordPress website. It will take you 1 minute. Namecheap will show your how to do it.

Then activate it, and customize it.

Even if it is your first time, you will find it very simple to do it.

Check what each button does, and try it.

After you installed and customized your WordPress template, your blog is ready.

Hit Posts, add new, and start writing content.

This is all, you now have your own blog and I bet that you did it in 1 hour or much less.

Now that you have content, you need to drive traffic to your website.

Share all your articles on your social media accounts.

Write each day and share your work; after a period of time (depending on the quality of your work, on your social media network size, and on your other efforts to drive traffic) you will start to have a strong audience.


A blog can be a hobby, a business, or both.

There are many people that earn good money out of blogging, some of them converting their hobby in huge businesses, having tens or hundreds of employees.

No matter how to look, blogging is a nice way to spend time, start right now.