How To Write Emails That Convert

How To Write Emails That Convert

Learning how to write emails that convert is very simple and you don’t need to have any skills, the “secret” is just to practice a lot and do lots of tests. This is exactly what top marketers, entrepreneurs, and website owners do.

How To Write Emails That Convert

There is no quick way to “beat” the practice and the tons of tests that you will be making.

But it is true that this guide will create you a strong foundation on which you will start building.

The article is divided in 2 parts:

1. This first part will explain you more about emails that convert.

2. The second part contains 10 tips that you should always consider when writing emails that you want to convert.

Let’s start with the first part.

1. Why is it important to invest time and learn how to write emails that convert?

When we are talking about emails that convert, we are talking about emails that sell something – a product, a service, a partnership, an idea, an invitation to ballroom, a subscribe letter, etc.

All these emails fall in this category.

It is obvious that we all want our emails to convert, but most of us don’t know how to maximize our chances of success, and/or we don’t make the real effort that is necessary.

Just writing some lines of text and putting in a subject is not enough. At least it is not enough if your text is not offering a great prize for nothing. 🙂 In this case, everybody would reply to your email and you will have a 100% conversion rate.

But probably this is not what you are looking for.

Engaging and high-converting emails are not complicated to create and once you learn how to do them right, you will have a super skill for the rest of your life.

This skill will help you enormously:

– For convincing people to partner to you.

– Making sales.

– Getting a job. Everybody is looking for a professional that really knows how to write emails that convert.

– Launching a business and boosting it with revenue.

Now let’s go to the second part and see how to write emails that convert.

2. 10 tips that will show how to write emails that convert

As I already mentioned, it is not complicated to write engaging and high-converting emails.

You will need 3 things:

– This guide.

– Practice.

– Do lots of tests.

The first thing, the guide, is right here, for the other 2 you are fully responsible.

Here are the 11 tips for writing high-converting emails

1. The right audience

The very first thing that you will do, before effectively writing your email, is to make sure that you have the right audience for the emails that you want to send.

No matter how large or small is your audience, select the persons that you think that will be interested in your offer.

Don’t send your email to your whole audience if you don’t believe that your email will be interesting and helpful for them.

Target only the right people.

Always, but always, use segments in your audience, and find the people that are highly like to engage your emails.

This is the main error that most of the planet does when sending emails. They don’t have the right audience for their emails.

And that leaves them with very bad engaging rates, with unsubscribes, and complaints.

2. Email account and website

Your email account and website are super important for obtaining high conversion rates.

These should look like this: (or other popular domain). In plus, your website should be fully functional.

For business emails, you need a professional email account and a great website.

You don’t want to send business emails from your Gmail or Yahoo email accounts.

3. Email builder

You can use any email software but I highly recommend you use a professional solution.

My favorite professional email builder is Mailchimp. The software is 100% free to use up to a point that many people will never reach.

It is easy to work with and many things can be achieved with this software:

– Design and create emails.

– Send mass emails and seeing accurate analytics.

– Create landing pages.

– Make A/B tests.

– Offer your audience the unsubscribe button.

– Automation

– And much more.

All these features are highly important for designing high-converting emails.

4. Understand how email marketing works

It takes much more than 1 email to make your audience buy from you.

There are follow-ups, and many discussions with the potential customer.

So you should do more than just 1 email, you should also prepare the follow-ups based on the potential customers action – they opened the email but not replied, they haven’t opened the email, or they said that they are not interested.

It is like a chess game; you have to know your “enemy” moves before he makes them.

To achieve that, you should have special offers and tactics.

5. Writing the right subject line

Now that you have all these things sorted out, you start to design and write the first email.

The very first thing is the subject line.

Here you need to have 3 aspects in your mind:

– Short is always better.

– Write a highly focused and clear subject line.

– Try to use words that will engage your audience (if you are selling a new product, write the word NEW in your subject line, and so on).

Don’t rush this process.

Write 10 subject lines and choose at least 2. One for this email and one for doing A/B tests, you will compare them and find out which performs better.

6. Layout and content

You want the simplest possible layout and clean content.

One column is usually the best, one button, one image, and an engaging text.

Keep in mind the inverted pyramid concept.

The inverted pyramid vertically stacks content that continuously decreases in width, essentially pointing towards a CTA (call to action) button.

The font you are using and its size will play a powerful role in your overall email layout.

Don’t use more than 2 fonts – one for heading and one for paragraphs.

Pay attention to not use too small, or too large fonts.

Do tests before deciding which is the right font size.

And even more.

Include your logo and your company colors on your email.

Also don’t forget the call-to-action button.

7. Text

Normally, the email text, and text in general should be as short as possible. This is what we see on TV ads, YouTube ads, newsletters ads, and so on. All these mediums contain very short texts.

But long texts work extremely well too.

You probably have seen such very long ads.

Writing a very long text is much more complicated than writing a basic size text, because the audience has to be engaged for a longer period of time. Otherwise, even a short text is hard to write. This is why the best copywriters are being paid huge amounts of money.

If you like this idea of long text (I love it), you should learn more about copywriting. It is not a simple task to write a long text and keep your potential customer engaged for a long period of time.

In plus, your text should contain:

8. What professionals do

Professionals include in their emails things like:

– Social proof

– Videos in which they explain something or an influencer says something about the product or service they sell

– Smart upsells and downsells based on the potential customer action.

– Many follow-ups with special offers.

9. Landing pages

Drive your potential buyers to a landing page that is fully dedicated for your product or service that you are selling, and never use your website homepage or other generic page.

Mailchimp and many other email builders will also help you create a landing page.

10. Create your own email designs

The whole world is offering you templates, some of them looking good. But everybody uses them and that is why some emails don’t covert.

Think about it.

It probably happens to you too.

You receive many emails that look the same, from different companies.

It takes you 1 second or less to notice that they all use a template.

Even if it is a bit harder, make your own design.

After a few designs, you will become much faster and you will learn a great skill.

11. Real pictures and real videos, best is to use your very own

Use real pictures and real videos, your own, don’t take them from the internet. Your audience will love to see real stuff, even if the quality is not the best. Usually, it is best not to use the best quality so your audience can easily notice that the pictures or videos you used are 100% real and not bought from the internet.

If you can’t make your own pictures and videos for your emails, buy premium stock and never use free pictures, all the other people are using them.

Make sure you respect copyright, otherwise you could face huge problems.

Conclusions about how to write emails that convert

Even if it looks pretty complicated at the first sight, it is not.

Take it step by step, and you will soon find out that all these tips are very simple to respect and implement in your email marketing.

As mentioned, this guide will help you create a strong email marketing foundation so you can become a professional.