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The no-code world started some years ago and it is being created right now, while you read this article.

What is all about?

You probably heard about the low-code or no-code movement, or world how I am happy to call it. If not, it is simple to explain and I will do it very succinct, in a phrase or so.

The low-code or no-code world is the possibility to make close to 100% things without writing a single line of code and without knowing the topic. This movement is not only about apps for developers and designers, as you will see below.

You can do websites from scratch (WordPress probably was the first to disrupt the market massively), web and phone apps, design and build cars, buildings, weapons and everything else (with 3d printers and other clever web tools), you can identify fonts for free, using the best font finder tool on the web – WhatFontIs, create landing pages that are used by millions of viewers, gather money in a simple way (Crowdfunding), and even more. Only your imagination is the limit, we live awesome times.

Disrupting technology

More and more low-code and no-code apps are being launched every day, helping us achieve much more in a single day or week than we used to make in months. This is the disrupting technology that we all need to adapt to.

Only yesterday I discovered, a drag-and-drop web app editor that makes design and development super easy. You don’t need to learn to code or hire engineers to make your next idea a reality. It enables anyone to design, develop, and host fully functional, powerful web applications.

I was amazed when I was analyzing the showcase of web apps made with this tool. It is amazing, you should check it too.

They opened the whole world to us, people that want to launch the next Facebook, but we don’t have the resources (know-how, money, team, and even time as usually it takes months or years to launch a huge web app and you need money to live).

Another example of disruptive technology

Another example of disrupting technology that is loved and appreciated by millions of people is the website builder. There are lots of examples of great website builders on the market and I personally didn’t find important differences between the top 5 solutions.

I don’t know about you but I personally used website builders many times. If I am thinking well, I used website builders for my last 3 startups with huge success. Even now, my companies are using websites made by myself, using different website builders or WordPress.

WordPress and website builder started the creation of the low-code or no-code world. Many other players already join the construction of the new world. And the masses of citizens will be glad to welcome them.

What is happening right now?

These days you can do pretty much everything, you only need the right tool. Imagine yourself in front of a gorgeous website or picture and you love the font they used. How can you identify it? You take a screenshot, you upload it to WhatFontIs, and the powerful software will quickly identify it for you, telling you the following information:

  • The name of the font
  • If it is free or paid
  • The price you have to pay
  • Where to get it from
  • It will show you over 60 alternatives – free and paid

These disruptive tools and platforms are using the latest technology and were created by very talented people. WhatFontIs is the single font finder tool that works both with free and paid fonts, with all font foundries, including Google fonts, and which is loaded with over 600k fonts. seems to be super simple to use and efficient, and the possibilities are unlimited. In this weakened, I will play with this platform.

The no-code world in the following years

What will happen in the following years? Be sure that more and more disruptive apps will be launched on the market or existing ones will reach the minimum base to become worldwide hitters.

Apps that will probably become the next big thing:

  • Apps to rent stuff – I also had this idea. Many people rent stuff as it is much more convenient.

I have a neighbour (and friend) that is asking for my lawn mower and other gardening tools every 2 weeks or so. Why should he buy them if I have them? If we weren’t friends, he could have paid a small fee.

People are also sharing small airplanes costs, so this is again a form of renting.

Why buy tons of stuff and use them once, if you can easily rent them?
Imagine a phone app with sufficient users that you can use to rent everything you need, in minutes.

  • Apps to transport things – You want something from Japan or from Europe and you don’t want to wait for the courier. You can pay a citizen that is coming from that particular place and bring the object to you. And you can have it in hours, not days or weeks. And you will probably pay much less.

Such apps open a whole world for all of us. I would buy lots of things from all over the world if I would not depend on shops policies and couriers. 

  • Apps that combine the volunteer’s efforts

We need a phone app where we can see for what projects we can enroll as volunteers. The world is powerful and united we can reinvent the planet.

If none of you will make this app, I will do it.


The no-code world is the future and you should prepare your business to adapt. Use the right tools to save time and money, and even more, you should launch your own phone app asap and help the citizens to use no-code web solutions for their needs.

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