Launch Your First Book In Under 3 Months

Launch Your First Book In Under 3 Months

Learn how to launch your first digital book in under 3 months, even if you haven’t written a 1,000 words article before.

Launch Your First Book In Under 3 Months

It doesn’t matter:

– Your age.

– Where are you from.

– If you have no knowledge about writing – articles, books, reviews, etc.

– The subject that you are interested in to write about.

– How long the book you want to be.

This guide will help you to launch your first book in under 3 months, not just get started, or just playing around.

What you actually need to start writing your book

All of the following things that you will need are simple stuff, not necessarily in this order:

– Time

– Computer / phone / tablet

– Plan

– Desire

– Focus

As you see, these are things that all of us have, or that we can get.

How to start writing 

A writer is a person that writes, so you have to write to get it started and never procrastinate.

That is why the best thing you can do is start with a plan and stick to it.


Here is an example of my personal plan.

Write each day, but every single day, at least 30 minutes for my book.

If one day I really can’t do it, but I say it again, I really can’t do it, I double the writing time for the second day.

This should not be a habit.

Never set a high target, there will be for sure also bad days in which you don’t have the mood to write, etc.

To set up the target, thing that you need to write the book in 2 months, the 3rd month you will use it for getting the book covers and other parts of the book, and to promote it.

So how many pages will your book have and how many pages can you write each day?

This is how you decide how much you want to write each day.

Set up a target and stick it, don’t let things come by their selves, they won’t.

When you write each day, you get lots of benefits:

– You feel that you are going forward with the project and that you have less and less to write.

– Your brain trains and learns to be a writer.

– Experience strikes in and you become better.

So now you decided that you will write each day, and how much.

It is highly important to tell this information to your brain and find time in your daily routine.

The idea of the book

What will you write about? Are you passionate about a topic? Do you want to write about your hobby?

Think about what you want to write.

It can be the story of your life, a science-fiction novel, or something else.

Decide what your book will be about.

Pick a title. You can change it later, don’t lose time to overthink it.

Start writing

Now you just start to write each day, as you decided in your plan.

Start with a preface, and add a table of contents.

The table of contents will help you enormously as you will have your book structure decided.

It isn’t important what font you are using right now, what size, and what word processor.

Just write, this is the most important part of the whole project – writing.

You might tell me that this is not a secret or something important, it is obvious that to launch a book you have to write it.

But this is what blocks all the writers – the writing phase which is of course a very difficult part of the project.

You wrote the book, what’s next?

Now you have a book draft with 250 pages.

You are amazed and super happy to have the draft ready.

What you should do next is to read your book and see if you need to make edits. It is normal to have new ideas and to want to change all kinds of things – paragraphs, words, titles, subtitles, etc.

In plus, check the book for grammar errors.

Check the font you are using and its size. You want to use a font that is simple to read, like Helvetica. Also, check the size of the font.

The next step is to add book covers and pictures (use only stock pictures so you won’t have any Copywrite issues). For the book covers, you should work with a designer. There are affordable people on Upwork, Fiverr, and other platforms.

Book covers are highly important if you are looking to sell your book.

A great book cover will sell your book even if your book is not so good.

A bad book cover will destroy your book, even if you wrote the best book in the world.

This part is highly important for your success.

The final part – selling your book

I strongly believe that you can sell your book all by yourself, using social media channels.

Create ads on your social media, ask your friends to record themselves saying a short review of your book and post the videos on your social media accounts, ask strangers to do this, and so on.

Even it looks a bit difficult, actually it isn’t.

It is much simpler to sell your own book than working with a publisher.

And don’t forget, this is your very first book.

After this project, you will have a huge experience and you write your second book much faster, and it will be much better.


Launching your first digital book in under 3 months will be a super story that you will never forget.

You love the idea?

Start right now.