10 Fonts Used In Aggressive Marketing


Aggressive marketing is more and more present in 2020. Why? In just a few words, the answer is very simple: because the competition is extremely strong and only the most powerful companies, products, services, and people, can resist. Today we discuss about 10 fonts used in aggressive marketing and how you can identify new ones from any website.

What is aggressive marketing?

Aggressive marketing is a powerful strategy that is provocative, that enters in your soul and mind, that generate buzz and draw attention to itself. Used right, it can sell any product or service, despite the quality or the price.

One of the aggressive marketing elements that is playing a huge role in the success of these ads, are the fonts.

Is it right to use aggressive marketing? My opinion is yes, use aggressive marketing but stay in the normal boundaries of common sense.

I personally bought several products because of aggressive marketing, most of them being books (probably 3 or 4). It works.

Examples of aggressive marketing

Remember the long copy that you thought nobody reads? People actually read long copies, and they even enjoy them. I am one of them. Why? Because people want complete information before they make the purchase and these long texts are telling the story (describing the problem they solve) in which you will find yourself. If that happens, you usually buy. And because more is better than less, we all feel that the writer invested time describing its solution for a problem that we have.

Maybe some don’t read the whole text, but others will read every single word.

I found on many websites incomplete information about products and services. Several times I even found myself questioning what a product or service do. After 5 minutes spent on the website, I didn’t understand what is all about.

Why is aggressive marketing so effective?

Why I consider it aggressive marketing if I like it and if I buy the products? I hope I can explain in words the feeling I have before and after I make the purchase.

So here it goes. When I start reading the whole copy on Facebook usually, I start seeing my problem in front of my eyes. The writer will get me very deep in the epicenter of the problem and right after it will offer the solution. This solution is not expensive, it seems perfect for me, and all I have to do is to buy the product or service.

Because aggressive marketing works, below the long copy page, you will find hundreds of people that made the purchase and they are happy. Social proof is the name, again it works excellent.

So how can I resist and not buy?

The long copy played with my feelings and brain.

This is aggressive. Products advertised normally, will not enter into your soul.  

Here are 2 examples of websites that use long copies and aggressive marketing, check carefully the fonts they use:



Grand Cardone, Tai Lopez, Click Funnels, and many others are using aggressive marketing in Facebook ads. I bet you saw these ads, maybe you even bought products and services from these guys.

10 Fonts used in aggressive marketing

Fonts have a huge role in aggressive marketing. Long copies should be easily read and headers should be large to draw your attention. Remember the 2 examples that we just saw?

The characteristics of fonts used in aggressive marketing:

  • Weight – Extra bold is usually needed.
  • Category – Sans Serif.
  • Easy to read.
  • The possibility to pair the header font with ease, with other fonts for paragraphs.

Below I will show you 10 fonts used in aggressive marketing.

Barlow Black Font – free for personal use – Download it here


Futura Condensed Extra Bold – Starting at $19.95 – Download it here


Luckiest Guy – Free – Download it here


Open Sans – Free – Download it here


Heebo Extra Bold – Free – Download it here


Fortnite – Free – Download it here


Aachen – Free – Download it here


Flix – $45 – Download it here


Hikou – Free – Download it here


Gesture – $20 – Download it here

How to identify new fonts from any website that you like

There is a simple and free solution to identify fonts from any website you like. Install the WhatFontIs Chrome Extension and you are good to go.

In the right upper part of your Chrome browser you will have the icon of WhatFontIs. Press it to active when you browse a website and the smart software will identify all the fonts for you. Just hover your mouse above the font you want to identify. If you click the font, you will get over 60 free and paid font alternatives.

Use WhatFontIs to identify fonts that you like and use it in your projects. 


Aggressive marketing includes lots of techniques and it is mostly used by online startups, by new book writers, but also by huge companies like Airbnb, Zappos, American Express, and Master Card. Read more about it here.

I said before and I will say it again, it is totally worth it to use aggressive marketing tactics while you respect common sense and you do not cross certain lines.

These 10 fonts used in aggressive marketing will help you even if you want to apply this strategy or not. All of them work extremely well in headers and some are also great for paragraphs, and WhatFontIs will help you identify new ones, on your own.

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