Building A Website In 2021 With 0 Experience


Building a website in 2021 with 0 experience is not just possible, it is quite a simple task.

Building A Website In 2021 With 0 Experience
Building A Website In 2021 With 0 Experience

There are 2 big paths to choose when looking to create yourself a website:

Website builders

There are quite a few website builders out there but do your research before paying something.

You will find website builders that are great for beginners or for people with no experience at all, but also website builders like Webflow which was designed for web designers and not for newbies.

Webflow is considered the best website builder on the market, but it is not for a granny who wants to make herself a flower shop. And it is quite expensive I would say, I personally pay $20 per month, so $240 a year.

That is why it is very important to do your research and even more important, to test each website builder that you find interesting.

WordPress and other similar platforms

If you are not a totally beginner and you know a bit about WordPress, you can use with huge success this platform to create yourself a nice website.

The platform is free to use and there are tons of plugins that will help you do everything you need.

People created plugins that will help you build websites exactly as you do with website builders.

The huge advantage of WordPress is that it is free and that you can add unlimited functionalities for free, with a press of a button (you install a plugin but just pressing install).

I will offer you useful tips so you can create yourself a stunning website, no matter what type of website you need – personal, company, agency, portfolio, eCommerce, blog, and so on.


You remember when I said that there are 2 big paths to choose from when looking to create yourself a website?

It wasn’t a mistake; this is not the 3rd path.

If you have money to spend, of course that you can hire a freelancer and let him make your website.

But this is not necessary the best solution or the quickest. At least not for people with 0 experience.

People that don’t understand or know very well the website design industry, might think that a professional will do wonders for a small price and this is not true.

I worked many times with freelancers for my websites and it took me many years to understand why I have paid thousands of dollars for websites that are super simple and look like I could do in WIX (a popular website builder).

So, if you have 0 experience and you need a quick website with minimum budget, or even for free, please don’t hire a freelancer.

You can thank me later.

Building a website in 2021 with 0 experience

After creating many website by myself, websites that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars on the long run, I can offer you the following tips.

Golden rule – Create a website and launch it asap, no matter if you don’t like it 100%.

It is much better to launch a website and start moving your business, blog, web page, etc, than being blocked on the logo design, website design, what font to choose, etc.

Don’t get blocked in staying days, weeks, or months, to create a website. Do it quick and nice.

Set yourself a tight target and respect it.

1 day for example should be enough.

Preparation is the key

You will need to prepare properly.

What does it mean?

Take a paper and draw your website.

How do you want to look? Get inspiration from the internet.

Only after you decide its design and structure, you can start designing your own website.

The biggest mistake that newbies do with website builders is that they start designing a website without knowing what they really want.

You should know exactly how your website should look and feel.

Free is better than paid

Free is always better than paid and you should pick a free solution for your first websites.

Create a quick website and launch it immediately.

If you don’t like it, change it as many times as you want.

Logo design

Use a logo design platform to get your logo.

There are very good options out there – BrandCrowd, TailorBrands, and many others.

You will pay a super small price for a beautiful logo.

Don’t make the mistake to stay weeks to get yourself a logo when you can have it in just a few minutes.

Logos are overappreciated.

Only logo designers are happy to work for weeks or months to create a logo as they are paid for each worked hour.

Domain name

Pick a domain name that is available on .com if you go internationally, or use your local domain.

Your domain name should be original and not be similar with existing brands.

Contact page

Any serious website has several contact methods.

Don’t use just a contact form.

Write down your email and phone number.

People hate websites that cannot be contacted.


Fonts are important but don’t overthink them.

For your first websites and in general, use popular fonts that are simple to read.

Also pay attention to font sizes.


Building a website in 2021 with 0 experience is much simpler than you think.

My father is 65 years old and he managed to create a decent website using a popular website builder, with no help from my side. His website is an online shop where he sells toy cars.

If he had success, you will have too.

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