Create Engaging Landing Pages With Free Templates And Free Fonts

Create Engaging Landing Pages With Free Templates And Free Fonts

Here is how to create engaging landing pages with free templates and free fonts.

Create Engaging Landing Pages With Free Templates And Free Fonts

To follow this guide, you won’t need any special skills or previous experience.

If you know how to basically operate a computer, you can get the best out of this guide.

I made this guide for both beginners and medium experienced people that need landing pages for free.

So let’s start with the first part – the landing pages templates.

Free landing pages templates

To correctly select the right free landing page template for your project, you need to know the correct anatomy of a landing page.

Or in other words, what elements a top landing page has:

Headline or selling proposition

As the name says, your landing page needs a headline.

The better the headline, the more conversions you get out of your headline.

The headline should be large enough but not too large, hopefully this makes sense to you.

Supporting copy

With this paragraph, you will tell people more about your product or service.

Hero image or video

All great landing pages have a hero image or a video.

This can be your product, or an influencer saying something about your product, or service.

Subheading + supporting copy

Here you will write the details of your product or service.


Your landing page needs a shortlist of benefits that your product has.

Social media proof

At least 3 videos from existing customers that tell potential customers how good your products or services are.


To place order or subscribe to newsletter, people will use a form that they will complete with their information.

Keep in mind that forms have to be GDPR compliant.


A landing page without a footer is not complete.

Look for templates that have it.


Now that you know all the elements that a landing page templates should have, you start looking for the right template for your project.

Have in mind that templates can easily be customized and edited.

If you don’t know anything about templates, you can let it be as it is, just change the text, and images or videos.

There are many websites with very large libraries of free landing pages templates, take your time to find the best one.

Now that you found it, edit it with your content.

Free fonts for your free landing page templates

There are lots of free fonts that you can use for your landing page.

What you should have in mind are these simple to follow rules:

– Stick to maximum 3 fonts for your landing page (1 for headings, 1 for subheadings, and 1 for paragraphs).

– Select a font that is easy to read.

– The font you pick should have plenty of sizes and weights available.

– It is very easy to read and understand.

– Pick a font that matches your website, and your product or service. (if you sell glasses for senior people, you will want to use larger fonts, and clean fonts that are very easy to read).

– Stick to sans-serif fonts.

If you don’t know where to look for nice free fonts, you can try Google Fonts.

There you will find plenty of beautiful fonts.

Or you can identify fonts you like and see if they are free to use.


Creating engaging landing pages with free templates and free fonts is a simple task if you pay attention to all of the above rules.

There is no magic formula, there is just a bit of effort and information that as you just saw, it is simple to understand for all of us, and even for people without too much experience in landing pages.