How To Write A Smart Resume For 2022

How To Write A Smart Resume For 2022

Very few people know how to write a smart resume for 2022. Find below the complete solution and create a smart resume that will “sell”.

How To Write A Smart Resume For 2022


Because the internet is crowded with articles that say:

– A resume has to be creative, from a design point of view.

– Use a resume builder app to create the ultimate resume.

– Get a premium/expensive resume template that nobody has.

– Hire a resume designer and let him do some magic, in the end that is why you are paying him, right?

– The best resumes look like this.

– These are the very best resumes.

– A super CEO or company owner says that resumes should look like this.

So, after reading tons of articles about resumes, you start to believe that you have the answers (finally), and you just need to start building your resume or hire a professional designer.

This is not what you should do.

What you should actually do

What I recommend you is to take a break and think for a few minutes about what is important in a resume:

– Its design?

– Your big photo?

– Or maybe your experience.

– The font you used?

– Font size?

– The colors?

– Complete information?

– The way you structured information?

All of these aspects are important in a resume but what should do or not do, to actually make your resume stand out of the crowd?

In the end, anyone who is a bit responsible will respect all that.

I will tell you right away what you should do.

My recommendations

Here are my 8 recommendations about how to write a smart resume for 2022, no matter your skills, experience, or who you are.

1. Include a video of yourself. Video is the king.

Your resume should incorporate a video.

But how can you do it?

You put a big picture with a play button and a link. It has to be easily seen that it is a video.

If you share your resume over the internet, it will be easy.

Record yourself telling the viewer who you are, why he should hire you, what makes you different, etc.

2. Craft an original resume design

I haven’t said creative, I said originally.

Such a design can easily be made in Photoshop or any other app. There are also free apps like Canva that will help you make a resume design.

If you don’t know how to do it, hire a designer and ask him to do it.

But you have to know what is needed.

Write down all the information you want your CV to have, including the video.

3. Your resume should get personal

A resume is a brief story of your professional life, right?

You should also tell the viewer the story of your personal life.

Which are your goals and hobbies, how do you spend time, what interesting books you read and how did they change you, etc?

Do your best to connect yourself with the reader.

4. There is no general resume for all jobs

For each job you apply for, you should have a unique resume.

This applies only if you really want one of those jobs.

Some parts of your resume can be the same, but there are also parts that you should change.

If you apply for a job in the IT sector, you should write certain things, while if you apply for a job in sales, you should write other things (stories about how you sell things, how you don’t offer discounts and you obtain high margins, etc.).

So, don’t totally change your resume, but parts of it.

5. Short is better but don’t go too short

2-3 pages resume work great and you should have enough space to tell everything you need about yourself, both professionally and personally.

Don’t forget that it is important to tell only what matters.

6. Keep the reader interested

This is how ads work, each second or line of text keeps the reader or viewer highly interested.

This is what you resume should also do.

Find a way to make your resume highly interesting.

7. A resume can be the best in the world, if nobody reads it, it doesn’t matter.

You crafted a super resume that will convince any person in the world to hire you.

But how do you make sure that your resume will be read?

If you are sending your resume by email, pay super attention to the subject line and content you are writing.

Be sure to make your email super nice.

8. Your resume should contain provable information

You can say everything you want in your resume but the best is to include only information that can prove it.


Now that you know how to write a smart resume for 2022, start the crafting and take your time. This is not a process that you should hurry.