The Very Best 12 Free Minimalist Fonts


Let’s see which are the very best 12 free minimalist fonts that you can use in various projects. Everything is handpicked.

And when I say the very best, I mean it. You don’t have time to spend hours to check hundreds of them.

Why minimalist fonts?

Because they look great and are a super fit for many projects: websites, posters, banners, furniture, IT products, web tools, and much more. And because minimalist fonts represent the future.

Even if it sounds like a cliché, I will say it: less is more. And this trend is getting more and more and traction every day.

Let’s take as an example the famous Apple company, they are using this principle with huge success. One of the main reasons why Apple was and it still is loved by millions of people, is the simpliness to use their products and software.

Their products don’t have the most powerful hardware and still, people (including myself and my family) “fight” for their products and pay much more. Why? All Apple products work excellent in any conditions, and look fantastic.

Minimalist is the future

We design ours houses to be minimalist, we prefer IT products and interfaces that are less crowded, and so on. We even our lives to be simple – minimalist. This is the future.

Why shouldn’t we all apply the same principle to fonts and to everything else? Nobody likes crowded websites, they load in many seconds, and it is hard to quickly find the wanted information.

To build a minimalist website is not simple. Less is more, but “less” means more research and hard work.

You will have to carefully think the design and to proper match the right minimalist font, to have the impact that you want.

A crowded website can easily be made “lighter” by only changing the font with a minimalist one. It is a simple exercise that you should make and see how it works.

What qualities should minimalist fonts have?

  • clean lines and crisp edges;
  • geometric shapes: this will mostly come into play in how the letters are formed;
  • an open or airy appearance: created by white space within or between letters;
  • design details that have significance or purpose;
  • good legibility: this usually means larger letters overall, moderately tall lowercase letters, and easily identifiable letter shapes; and,
  • visual impact: this could be in the design of a typeface (i.e. it’s bold or all uppercase) or in how you as a designer apply the font (at a large size or in a prominent position, etc.).
  • if it is free, it is even better. We are love free minimalist fonts.

These are the very best 12 free minimalist fonts

Blogger Sans by Sergiy Tkachenko

Get it here.

Uni Sans by Svet Simov, Ani Petrova & Vasil Stanev

Get it here.

Prime by Max Pirsky

Get it here.

Corbert by Jonathan Hill

Get it here.

Infinity by Tarin Yuangtrakul

Get it here.

Panama Light by Adrien Coquet

Get it here.

Asap by Omnibus-Type

Get it here.

Ahamono by Alfredo Marco Pradil

Get it here.

Shket by Juan Francisco Garrido

Get it here.

Hapna Mono by The Northern Block

Get it here.

Kel by Keine Martins

Get it here.


Get it here.


The very best 12 free minimalist fonts will offer you the help you need to design a minimalist website or whatever project you may have.

As I said a few times, less is more, pick one of these 12 solutions, don’t browse hundreds of minimalist fonts because your brain will play dead, getting blocked in front of so many options.

As you have seen in this article, there are quite a few excellent options, and if none of these examples are a great fit for your needs, you should simple browse the internet and find a font that you like.

To identify the font, take a picture, upload it to WhatFontIs, and in less than 1 minute, you will find out the name of the font, the price (maybe it is free; WhatFontIs works with both free and paid fonts, being the only system capable of that), and where to get it from.

WhatFontIs, the best font finder tool, is free to use, simple, efficient, and quick. The powerful AI software is loaded with over 600k indexed fonts, both free and paid. And it works with all font foundries, including Google fonts.

Build your own collection of minimalist fonts with WhatFontIs.

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