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Harry Potter fonts you will love

Reading Time: 3 minutes September is only one week away and we couldn’t do anything but hope that this year will be our lucky one. The year when our childhood dream might come true. The year we’ll receive the most desired letter of all times: the acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When growing up, we fell in love with the magical Harry Potter universe and this feeling stuck with us until the very present. Because autumn is a good time to reminisce about the Harry Potter universe, we found some amazing Harry Potter fonts for your personal designs. Check them out down below!

Poster design for movies

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to poster design, inspiration comes from everything that surrounds us. While some people are going to the movies and following the role play of the actors, or just the development of the intrigue, we are also checking the fonts and the poster design! That’s right, we came up with a list of the our favorite movie posters and their fonts.

Party fonts for party animals

Reading Time: 3 minutes Be it summer or winter, we all learned something from the Great Gatsby: a little party never killed nobody! Nobody can refuse good music, refreshing drinks and quality time spent with friends, all mixed up into one social form of expression: partying. Wether you’re planning a small party just for you and your close ones or you’re part of a greater organising team for the party of the century, one thing is clear: you need an awesome font, that will ask people to join the party. WhatFontIs is here to the rescue, with some cool party fonts you’ll simply adore. Check them out down below!

Cool art-deco fonts you’ll love

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before World War I, France blessed us with a beautiful style of visual arts known as art-deco. Its influences spread across many areas such as architecture, design, cinematography, fashion and so on. Therefore, without any doubt, we couldn’t help ourselves but search for fonts that bear art-deco features. After a little bit of research, we have a verdict. Their elegance is bedazzling and we simply fell in love with them! Our top picks, down below.

Best easy to read banner fonts you should use

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nowadays there are no limits when it comes to banner design. You can create one within minutes and there is an abundance of banner fonts at your disposal. What makes the difference though, is knowing which font you should be using. Most times, all the details should be connected and related to the audience as well and not rely just on your taste and intuition. But by far the most important aspect is legibility. All messages should be written in clarity.

Manly fonts for hand-crafters

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this world, there are different fonts for different folks! Manly fonts, feminine fonts, rock & roll fonts, or some bits of everything, such as manly fonts for handcrafters. Whether you are passionate about crafting, or already own your personal atelier or shop, you should have a good logo, that could represent the quality of your work, as well as the amount of passion you put into working.

Top clean fonts for your blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you enjoy browsing through blog articles once in a while, you definitely understand and acknowledge the importance of a good font. They set the mood when it comes to a particular blog and manage to communicate much more than it might seem at a first glance. Just like picking the right theme, colours and templates, fonts say a lot about someone’s personality. Because one of their most important feature is readability, we found some clean fonts that will look good on your blog. Check them out down below!

Fashion fonts you’ll love to use

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fashion comes and goes, but some fashion fonts never fade. They’re iconic, elegant and seem to be fitted for lots of situations. Printed magazines, huge billboards or online video ads, these fonts always manage to catch out attention and fascinate us with their sleek lines and elegant curves. Whether you’re working or not in the enchanting fashion world, we might’ve activated your curiosity regarding fashion fonts. Walk with us on the catwalk of fonts and check out our top picks for the day!

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