The Font Revolution


The font revolution started a few years ago.

The Font Revolution
The Font Revolution

What do I mean?

More and more companies started to create their own fonts, apps and operating systems started to let us customize texts and change fonts, and even our phones are now letting us play with fonts.

People started to offer much more attention to fonts and from this we will all win.

Is the font revolution useful?

Of course it is; with its help we can now easily change fonts on all our devices – mobile phones, computers, iPads, iPods, TVs, websites, and everywhere else.

The Chinese Government obliges website owners to use larger fonts and let people customize them.

How is this good?

Because China Government wants to help its aged population and if you ask me, their idea is great.

All website owners should make their websites friendly for people of all ages.

And even better, this is a huge opportunity for website owners, especially for ones that sell products and services that are bought also by senior people.

When they will optimize their websites for this category of people, they will get more sales and conversions.

The cost to optimize these websites is very small and can quickly be done.

If you have a website that is used also by more aged people, optimize it.

Both you and your customers will benefit a lot.

What will happen next in the font revolution?

It is very cool to observe that is going on the font scene. Here are 5 trends that I identified:

People are strongly judged by the fonts they use.

Famous people were accused of using “racist” fonts. Nobody was discussing about the quality of the products or about the prices, the used font was the most important thing.

Companies and even private people will pay much more attention to the fonts they use so they won’t find their selves in all kind of problems.

More and more companies choose to have their very own fonts.

Time ago, only corporations had their fonts.

Now, even small companies with a small number of employees (under 10) started to understand the importance of fonts and they started to work on their own fonts.

Font customization is important

We will soon have the chance to customize our fonts everywhere. Probably our fridges, ovens, and everything else will let us change fonts and the size of the texts.

This is very useful.

Think about old people that cannot read some written books because the text is very small written.

They would read the book on their iPad and change the font and the text size.

Font software

There are already apps that you can use to identify fonts from pictures and websites, to get similar fonts with the one that you like, and software for our mobile phones that let us customize our messages with cool fonts, symbols, and emojis.

Much more powerful apps will be launched in the following months and years.

Font prices

Prices of the fonts are much more affordable than it were some years ago.

The trend will continue, and this is great for all of us.

We will have fonts that we can all afford.

If you identified more trends for the font revolution, let me know and I can update the article.


The font revolution will continue for many years from now and we already have many benefits from it.

Be part of the font revolution, create your own font, let your customers customize the fonts, and learn to use fonts that better represent your voice.

Imagine a world that is written in the font you want, and in the text size you prefer.