How Are Fonts And Packaging Affecting Product Sales


How Are Fonts And Packaging Affecting Product Sales? There is a super interesting science behind how to design a packaging that will sell and what font to use. Both are connected at a very deep level.

I find this subject extremely interesting; I hope you too. Let’s start with a simple exercise, a few questions that you need to think about while reading this article:

1.How are you choosing the books you buy?

You will tell me that you buy books based on reviews and recommendations, right? But what about new books that are not wrote by famous people?

For these books you have only 2 actions that you can do to decide if you want to buy them or not:

  • How the cover looks – The title of the book, the used font, and the packaging.
  • The second action is to read the “About section” and hopefully you will find it interesting.

This is what most people do, probably you too.

Going back a bit to recommendations, it is also very important to understand who recommends you a certain book, and who wrote a particular review.

If they recommend and review a business book to be the “Bible of business administration”, they are correct, but for them it is such a good book, as maybe that book it is their first.

What about you, if you read 20 business books, will that particular book be as useful as it was for that person? That is why it is important to carefully take into consideration reviews and book recommendations.

2. How you decide what product you buy from the hypermarket?

You are in front of a row with 20 similar products, different brands, with very different prices.

Most people are usually attracted to buy the brands they are used with and they think that are the best in a certain field.

But many others, including me, buy the most expensive products thinking that expensive products are better than cheaper ones.

Do all expensive products have high-quality and attracting packaging? Yes. And all these products have fonts that are easy to read and very well matched with the packaging.

How are fonts and packaging affecting product sales?

Fonts and packaging are affecting products sales big time. You can have the best product in a niche, it will have poor sales if you don’t have a great packaging and if your font is not a perfect fit.

To build your product packaging, you need to work with very talented people. You cannot afford to build your product in 10,000 units with a certain package and then change it. What if your product will not sell? The packaging is a very complicated decision that can make a business super profitable or ruin it in no time.

Same happens for books.

Do you know that a book can sell 10x times more with the same marketing, but with a different cover? The “exterior” of a book or a product can be much more important than what you get in the inside.

There are certain products where this applies most times: tooth paste (they all do pretty much the same), washing powder, light bulbs, and many others.

Invest the right amount of time and get help from the right people to decide what the package of your product will look like, and what font to use.

Let’s see some examples of packaging done right.

Here are 5 examples of great packaging

Apple did it right from the very first start with the iPhone packaging. They have a premium, minimalistic package that is awesome.

Even the latest iPhone is sold in the very same package. Awesome.

Coca-Cola succeed in creating an iconic bottle for their drink, people can easily identify the bottle with the brand. A test proved that even if people are eye folded, they will feel the bottle of Coca-Cola and recognize the brand.

This is a super success.

It is not a new that beer producers have awesome packaging. Also their offices usually have super designs. Budweiser is a super beer and the packaging is smart.

Super clever, I would buy these twisted potatoes any time over a simple back.

Who doesn’t want to put more flavor on their potatoes?

This is a simple, yet creative and effective packaging. It shows us that this product will help us take care of our white teeth.

5 examples of fonts you can use with huge success in package designs

Fonts play a huge role in package designs.

A small font will make people ignore your product, they have to see what it is written from the very first second, if not they will abandon it.

The font should match the character of the product: funny, serious, and so on.

The color of the font is as important as everything else. It will match your overall package design.

Let’s see 5 fonts that work extremely well in different package designs.

Geogrotesque – Price: $50 – Get it here

Bodoni Script Pro– Price: $79 – Get it here

Museo And Museo Sans – Price: $16.50 – Get it here

Metroscript – Price: $99 – Get it here

Capsa – Price: $26 – Get it here


The competition is huge in all fields and we should pay huge attention to details. For products, physical or digital, these details are the package design and the font we use.

After reading this article, you should know how are fonts and packaging affecting product sales. It is important to take the right decisions so your sales will go up in the sky.

It applies also to digital products where we use a graphic as the cover of the product. Use a not so great font or bad colors, and your product will not sell, even if it is a great and useful item, priced correctly. This is the power of packaging and fonts.

How are fonts and packaging affecting products sales? As you saw, they both play a huge role in your sales. Do your research and work with experts in this field to do it right.