Fonts Tips For eCommerce In 2023

Fonts Tips For eCommerce In 2023

Find below the most important fonts tips for eCommerce in 2023.

Fonts Tips For eCommerce In 2023

It doesn’t matter if you are already in the eCommerce industry or if you are just starting.

These fonts tips will help you big time.


It will help you increase your conversions (if you already have the online shop), or they will help you get your first sales (if you are just starting).

As you already know very well, eCommerce is a highly competitive industry that grows each year and which generates tens of billions of dollars each year.

Because of this, successful entrepreneurs take care of absolutely every aspect of their eCommerce business:

– the best platform for their needs

– product packaging, images, and videos

– copywriting

– fonts

– shop design

– functionality

– cart design

– continue optimization of the entire shop and sales process

– inventory

– product price

– product optimization

– and so on.

eCommerce is a huge topic and today we discuss strictly about fonts.

Fonts tips for eCommerce in 2023

When considering what fonts to use for your online shop in 2023, you should always have in mind that your chosen fonts need just to be easy to read.

This is the very first tip.

Easy-to-read fonts

This is one of the most important fonts tips for eCommerce in 2023; this is why is the first one in this article.

Even as it sounds so basic, there are plenty of online shops that use hard to read fonts.

They even pay premium prices to get these fonts.

Don’t be like those guys, pick a popular, easy to read font, which is free as you have plenty of good options out there:


Open Sans


Playfair Display


Font size

Experts in eCommerce that made tens of millions of USD, real entrepreneurs, all say that a 16-font size is the best to use for online shopping.


The font color should be black and the background should be white.

This is by far the very best combination that you should use.

Combine maximum 2 fonts

If you decide to combine fonts, use maximum 2 of them.

Use one font for the headings and subheadings, and the other one for paragraphs.

Also don’t pick 2 fonts that are super similar but 2 fonts that just work together well.

Be consistent with your font choice

Use the same font everywhere on your online shop, and if possible, also on your invoice, product manuals, packaging and everywhere else.

Testing fonts

Even if you are absolutely sure that your font is doing a fantastic job, test other fonts.

Use A/B testing and find out if changing your font improves your conversion rates.

You will be amazed that your conversions can go up with 2 digits percentage with such a simple change.

Stay away from fonts that users hate

There are fonts that users hate:


Comic Sans

Stay away from them and also have in mind that some fonts are considered racist.


The final tip I have for you is to not sub-estimate the power of fonts in eCommerce, especially in 2023 when competition is close to its maximum level.

If you will pay attention to the above tips, you will not have any bad surprises.

And it is much easier to consider these fonts tips for eCommerce in 2023 than to start reading entire books on the subject.

I read in your place the best 3-4 books on eCommerce as I am highly interested to start a new business in this industry.

So the tips are recent and the best ones you can get.