Best Canva Fonts For Conversions

Best Canva Fonts For Conversions

Have you ever wondered which are the best Canva fonts for conversions? I have.

Best Canva Fonts For Conversions

Canva is the favorite design platform for many people, myself included. With Canva, we can design pretty much anything we need, including websites (yes, you read that right, websites) – banners, ads, pictures, buttons, email newsletters, video ads, and much more.

However, when it comes to selecting fonts, I always find myself pondering which ones to use.

7 Best Canva Fonts For Conversions

Strategic Sans Serif Selections

Elevate your conversion-focused designs with strategic sans-serif fonts from Canva. “Open Sans,” “Noto Sans,” and “Source Sans Pro” strike the perfect balance between readability and modernity. Use these fonts for websites, landing pages, and digital marketing materials to ensure a clean and professional appearance that encourages user engagement.

Serif Styles for Trustworthiness

When aiming to establish trust and credibility, Canva’s serif fonts come into play. Fonts like “Crimson Text,” “Libre Baskerville,” and “EB Garamond” exude a sense of tradition and reliability. Incorporate these fonts into your content for blog posts, articles, or any communication where a trustworthy tone is crucial for conversion success.

Script Fonts for Personal Connection

Create a personal connection with your audience using Canva’s expressive script fonts. “Playlist Script,” “Sacramento,” and “Allura” add a touch of warmth and humanity to your designs, making them perfect for personal blogs, email campaigns, or any content where establishing an emotional connection can drive conversions.

Handwritten Charm for Approachability

Canva’s handwritten fonts bring a touch of approachability and informality to your designs.

“Shadows Into Light,” “Patrick Hand SC,” and “Dancing Script” offer a friendly and relatable vibe.

They are ideal for social media posts, personal branding, or any content where an approachable tone can enhance conversion rates.

Bold and Impactful Display Choices

Capture attention and guide users towards conversion actions by leveraging Canva’s bold display fonts. “Bebas Neue,” “Oswald,” and “Anton” are commanding choices for headlines, banners, or any design element that needs to stand out.

Optimizing Readability for Web Conversions

When designing for the web, prioritizing readability is key to driving conversions.

Canva’s “Roboto,” “Montserrat,” and “Lato” are sans-serif fonts known for their excellent legibility.

They are perfect choices for web pages, online forms, and any content where clarity is paramount for conversion success.

Attention-Grabbing Contrast

Enhance the visual appeal of your designs and guide user attention strategically by playing with font contrast.

Pair bold and thin fonts like “Quattrocento Sans” and “Archivo Black” to create a dynamic contrast that draws attention.


Choosing the best Canva fonts for conversions requires a thoughtful approach that aligns with your brand identity and specific goals.

By strategically integrating these fonts into your visual content, you can optimize readability, and establish trust.

Remember, the right fonts aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re powerful tools for guiding users toward conversion actions, ensuring your designs make a lasting impact and contribute to the success of your digital initiatives.