Android 12 Will Get Out Emojis and Fonts From System Updates


Android 12 will get out emojis and fonts from system updates and this would be awesome. Both me and the rest of the world are waiting for this to happen.

Android 12 Will Get Out Emojis and Fonts From System Updates

And I will explain you why.

For a reason that I don’t know, Android stores emojis and fonts on the system partition. This is not useful. Really not useful.

Whenever you want to get the latest and best emojis and fonts, you will have to make a full system update.

But this is not possible if your phone producer is not providing quick updates. Samsung is the first Android phone to be updated, usually the rest are updated weeks or even months later.

So what happens is that you will miss beautiful emojis and fonts in the era when both are used extremely intense. This is not cool at all.

Other manufacturers like Apple use a totally different system, which lets you easily get all the latest emojis and fonts. It is simple, and it is normal, it is Apple. This is what they do, make simple things.

The good news

The good news is that Android 12 will change this situation. Google wants to remove emojis and fonts from the system partition and add them directly to the data partition.


How this translates for users?

It means that both fonts and emojis will be updateable without a system update.

So we will have quick updates that will let us use the latest and coolest fonts and emojis.

Thank you, Google!

Google is working since November 2020 for this, below you will find some work of them that was spotted by XDA Developers.

Here are the commit descriptions:

Add /data/fonts/files directory:

The updated font files will be stored to /data/fonts/files and all application will read it for drawing text. Thus, /data/fonts/files needs to be readable by apps and only writable by system_server (and init).

Set up /data/fonts directory for updatable system fonts:

– /data/fonts/files The updated font files are placed in this directory. The files under this directory are readable by any apps. Only system_server can write font files to this directory.

– /data/fonts/config The font configuration used by system_server is stored in this directory. Only system_server can read/write this directory.

Chances that Android 12 will move emojis and fonts from system partition to data partition are extremely high, but not 100%. We really hope to see this happen.

Online and mobile phones security

Security is one of the hottest subjects of our era and Google is doing its best to make things great for all of us. Or at least this is what we hope for, right? 

Moving emojis and fonts from system partition to data partition might invite hackers do security breaches but Android 12 found the way to secure our phones.

The font file will be only writeable by the system server. The apps we use will only have read access to these files so they can draw texts and render emoji.

It is a simple and smart way to protect our mobile phones.


I really hope that Android 12 will get out emojis and fonts from system updates and move that directly on the data partition. It is not hard to do and it will make many of us extremely happy, we are over 127 million Android users.

Why didn’t they do that from the start?

Who knows? Probably nobody. 

But anyway, later is better than never.

Google, if you are reading this and I am sure you do, please let us get all the emojis and fonts we want on our Android phones.

Thank you!

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