45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021


Here is a comprehensive showcase – 45+ premium web tools & services for creating a super website in 2021.

You are used to hire developers to get your things done by yourself, using web tools?

We covered both ways in this article.

In this article, we included 45+ different web tools and services:

Take yourself a coffee and read this super-useful article.

BrandCrowd – Online Logo Maker

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021
45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Let others pay hundreds or thousands of dollars, you can safely and happily stick with BrandCrowd.

This online logo maker will offer you similar quality logos for a fraction of that cost. All the logos and icons were designed by designers.

In plus, your logo can be fully customized for your needs and it will be ready in a couple of minutes, not weeks or months, this is how long you wait when working with a designer.

Customize your logo by changing fonts, colors, texts, layout, and background. But only if needed. Many logos look so awesome that no changes are needed.

For complex edits, you will have to hire a BrandCrowd in-house designer.

When buying the logo, you will have 2 license options:

  • Standard license – $45 – one-time payment – you will have all the right to use the logo.
  • Exclusive license – $145 – one-time payment – the logo will be removed from BrandCrowd website.

Get a stunning logo from BrandCrowd, I bet that you will love this platform.

pCloud – The Most Secure Cloud Storage

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

pCloud is Europe’s most secure cloud storage software, being the number one choice of over 12 million people. Its users are normal people like me and you, graphic designers, developers, freelancers, architects, agencies, etc.

They use it to store and share files with ease, no matter the device they use.

It is great for:

  • Storing and sharing files of all sizes – including very large files.
  • Backing up any local folder you want – not like other solution that offers you the option to choose between a few preselected folders.
  • Collaboration – sharing files is very simple and intuitive.
  • People that need up to 10 GB – they offer a free forever plan – lifetime offer

You can access the files you store in pCloud from any device:

  • Computers – Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Mobile – iOS and Android
  • Web

The software is very simple to use, quick, secure, and intuitive.

As for file sharing, you can share your files very easy, giving the user rich features such as download password, expiration date, and upload/download access.

Get up to 10 GB of free cloud storage and start storing your files securely.

Total Theme

You want a single but complete WordPress theme to power your website?

Then Total is the right theme for you.

It is bundled with 3 premium plugins:

  • Visual Page Builder
  • Templatera
  • Slider Revolution

And it has included everything you need (probably much more than you will ever need) to create with ease any kind of website – personal, blog, shop, business, creative, portfolio, etc.

Take a look.

99 Robots

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

99 Robots is a premium agency that will help you with web design and web development services at such high levels that you will be heavily impressed of what can be achieved by experts.

In plus they will also help you with advertising, being extremely efficient with your resources.

These are the services that they can help you with:

  • Amazon Ads Management
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Google PPC Ads Management
  • WordPress Development
  • Web Design

They have 8 years experience in the market, creating stunning websites and generating tons of sales for their customers, being highly appreciated for their work.

Discuss with 99 Robots your project details.

Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise is the very best offline website builder that you can use to create any kind of website you want – blog, personal, business, creative, agency, shop, marketing, etc.

It is loaded with a huge library of over 4,000 awesome website templates and the interface is brilliant, being super intuitive.

Start designing your next website with Mobirise.

Argento Theme

You don’t know why some Magento stores that are similar with yours are doing much better in terms of conversions?

They use Argento, this is by far the most powerful Magento 2 theme on the market. The theme has 7 stunning designs to choose from and 20 modules that will add smart functionalities to your store.

Take a look.

Taskade — Collaborative To-do List for Remote Teams + Mindmap

Taskade is a smart collaboration tool that became the favorite of tens of thousands of people, companies, and remote teams.

It helps you with real-time collaboration for your project management team, a unified workspace for remote teams, and even more. Mindmap view is possible with Taskade.

Taskade works on all devices and it has a free forever plan that you can start use from exactly now.


Codester is a huge marketplace filled with tons of themes, apps, templates, free stuff, and even highly-discounted products.

Take a look.


Deeezy.com is the favorite resource website for web designers, agencies, marketers, and web developers.

The website is filled with super high-quality graphics, fonts, 3d letters, mockups, templates, and much more. Everything is handpicked.

Take a look.


Goodie is the best web development service for designers that need a reliable partner.

They deliver outstanding high-quality work and they respect tight deadlines and budgets.

Reach out for a free quote.


Ampfluence is ranked as the best Instagram growth service in the market, delivering outstand work for their customers.

Get a free quote and let them help you grow your Instagram account.

Email marketing

Mailmunch is the complete lead growth and email marketing tool for bloggers, solopreneurs, startups, and enterprises. From B2B to B2C, over 500,000 businesses count on Mailmunch to generate thousands of leads every day and grow their revenue from email marketing.

Just pick any of the cool templates for your forms, landing pages, and email templates, customize its content, and you are ready to rock!

Give it a try.


A highly efficient and robust email designing software to create appealing emails and achieve higher conversion rates through email marketing. You can find email templates for marketing, product launch, events and many other usages as well as industries on their platform. Start designing your emails today!


If you are a SMB or a growing startup and you need a professional, honest, and reliable agency, then you should find out more about Ramotion.

They will help you with brand identity, UI/UX design, app development, and web design.

Get a free quote.

Miquido: Custom Software Development Company

Miquido has over 10 years of experience in delivering fully professional digital solutions for clients from different industries: fintech, insurance, eCommerce, entertainment and so much more!

Don’t hesitate and contact Miquido – they will transform your idea into a future-oriented digital product!

Web Design Kansas City

You are located in Kansas City and you want to work with a local web designer or web developer but you don’t know who to hire?

This resource article has the answer for you.

They wrote about the very top 10 web designers and web developers in Kansas City and they are offering you all the information you need (person’s name, contact details, and website).

Take a look.

Complete SEO

Complete SEO is an Austin based SEO agency that is popular for its smart SEO strategies.

No matter how much organic traffic (low or high) is your website getting from search engines, they will help you get much more.

Reach out for a free consultation.


DWS is a professional agency with customers all over the world, being popular for delivering high-quality work while respecting deadlines and budgets.

They will help you with:

  • SEO
  • Quality content
  • Blogger outreach
  • Animation
  • Website development

Get your free quote.

Heroic Inbox

Heroic Inbox is a brilliant WordPress plugin that will help you easily manage customer support email directly from your website.

You will save time and money by using Heroic Inbox.

Take a look.

Web Design Auckland – full service web design company 

Web Design Auckland is a full-service web design company in Auckland, but they work with customers from all over the world.

They will help you with:

  • Custom Website Design
  • Unique Branding
  • Stunning Photography
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Secure Web Hosting
  • And Ongoing Support

Get your free consultation.


FoxMetrics is a professional analytics platform that will help you understand where your customers are coming from, where they end up, and if your marketing campaigns are effective or not.

Sign up for a free demo.


Landingi is a professional, yet very simple to use landing page builder loaded with hundreds of stunning templates, ready to be picked and customized for your needs.

Start a free trial, you will love Landingi.

Astra – The Best WooCommerce Theme

Astra is a top WooCommerce theme that is powering some of the best shops in the world.

The theme is lightning fast, and it is heavily optimized for high-traffic and high-conversions.

Take a look.

Website Design Dublin

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021
seo company dublin

Aspire Media is a popular agency where experts in web design, web development, and SEO work, helping companies of all sizes reach their high targets.

Get your free quote.


45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Wiremo is your perfect user-generated content source. Our technology and integrated solutions enables you to gather, curate, manage and respond to all kinds of user content from just a single platform. Running an ecommerce business means sustainability and growth are possible only if you have the proper solutions for it. Using Wiremo you automate processes like product review collection, review reply and other engagement forms with your customers.

Wiremo is a step ahead of our main competitor Yotpo. Find out why Wiremo is better than Yotpo: Wiremo offers automation on review reply, fully customizable emails and freeing you from the need to put extra work for managing your reviews with an extra intuitive dashboard.


45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

When creating a super online shop, you need to understand several aspects. These aspects will help you get high volumes of traffic and sales.

Modalova is a super inspiring online fashion store that will help you big time. Browse this shop and see how they did it and what functionalities it has.

Browse it.


45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

HoneyApps is a 100% free platform that will help you get more money from your customers.


The platforms help you make upsells, offer product upgrades and complementary products, but also create entire upsell funnels.

Register now for the free plan and give it a try, the results are spectacular.


45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

InvoiceBerry is a professional invoicing software that you can use with no prior experience to send fully customize invoices, to track expenses, create reports, manage clients, track payments, and much more.

Sign up for the free trial to test InvoiceBerry.


45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Pixpa is a great website builder for all of you that don’t have any design skills or experience in creating websites.

The builder is very simple to use and intuitive, anybody can create a super website with Pixpa.

Get started free.


45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Fraud detection in real time is essential for online businesses handling payments on their websites to avoid charge-backs. Using a combination of data points pulled by Antideo, around IP location, email address health, IP reputation can help in identifying high risk transactions before it even happens.

Cyber Chief Automated Penetration Testing Tool For Web Apps

Cyber Chief is an AI-driven vulnerability scanning tool. It’s used by smart software teams around the world to help them ship their websites and web applications with zero known security vulnerabilities.

It makes automated penetration testing for web apps easier & faster for software teams by helping you continuously test, manage & fix vulnerabilities in one tool. You spend less time on security, so you can spend more time coding.

Get your free trial of this vulnerability scanning tool that gets 5-star reviews.

React Templates

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

WrapPixel is responsible for creating some very cool React templates.

All the themes look great, are loaded with tons of stunning elements, and are simple to customize.

Take a look.

Soft UI Dashboard

Creative Tim created a stunning FREE Admin Template.

The name of the product is Soft UI Dashboard and it is heavily loaded with cool elements.

Use this gorgeous dashboard to create amazing websites and web apps.

Get it now, it is free!


45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

RumbleTalk will help you get a group chat for online evenets in a matter of minutes.

The platform is feature rich and very simple to use.

Start with the free plan and see how it works.

Hire Jordan Smith 

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Hire Jordan Smith is a professional web designer and web developer that creates stunning websites for customers from all over the world.

Get your free quote.

Denver Web Design Services

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Recognized as a top web design Los Angeles agency, UPQODE delivers high-quality, customer centric web designs that are proven to succeed. Their proven design process guarantees success for their clients across all aspects of digital.

Whether for a large enterprise or a small business, UPQODE is dedicated to finding the best web solutions for every client. Their goal is to create strategic and stunning websites that make for a great user experience.

Tailwind Figma

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Tailwind Figma is a collection of UI components that work excellent in Tailwind CSS utility classes.

You will find included:

  • 27+ hand-crafted application UI pages
  • Figma variants
  • A style guide
  • Auto-layout
  • Responsive pages for mobile and tablet devices

Take a look.


45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Acowebs is a leading WordPress and WooCommerce plugin development company with more than 50,000 happy users across the globe. The latest WooCommerce plugin from Acowebs is the WooCommerce Invoices plugin, which comes with a bunch of features to manage the invoices and packing slips of your eCommerce store. There is also a completely free version of this plugin, WooCommerce PDF invoices, which is highly acclaimed by customers for its UX and features.

XSTORE – The Most Customizable WooCommerce Theme

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

XSTORE is the most complete and customizable theme for WooCommerce stores.

It has a huge library of 100+ shop designs and tons of elements that will help customize the skin you like.


Freelance Logo Design

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Freelance Logo Design is a super platform that you can use to get a stunning handcrafted logo design, for a minimum spent of $50.

You name your price and in 24 hours you will get 10 logo designs to choose from.

Give it a try, the results are stunning.

Generated Photos

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Generated Photos is a collection of diverse 2.6+mln photo-realistic headshots produced by AI. The community of 10k+ has already used generated images for persona building, enterprise trials, e-commerce, advertising, research applications, and much more.

Key highlights:

Advanced filtering and sorting (age, gender, skin tone, hair length, color, and more)

Solid or transparent backgrounds

Bulk selection and downloading

Options from free usage to exclusive licenses

Qwery – Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Qwery WordPress theme seamlessly integrates into your website in a matter of minutes. It lets you choose any of the 30+ creative live demos featured in its download package. It’s a truly multi-purpose WordPress theme that matches a wide range of personal and business projects dedicated to restaurant, corporate, lifecoach, dentist, tailor, eLearning, florist, luxury, speaker, engineering, and other topics. The mobile-friendly layout of the theme automatically scales up and down to different screen sizes and Retina screens. Managing the theme’s ready-made pages and layouts will be quick and effortless even for non-techies thanks to the theme’s integration with the Elementor page builder.

Helion | Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Using the Helion WordPress theme, you get a pre-design online portfolio design that can be also used for eCommerce. The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce and includes a bunch of ready-made pages, modules, and layout styles matching various purposes. The theme is mobile-friendly and fully responsive. It includes a bunch of handy customization options. The built-in Elementor page builder lets you adjust the theme’s ready-made designs in the drag-and-drop mode.

Hoverex | Cryptocurrency & ICO WordPress Theme

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Using Hoverex WordPress theme, you can launch a usable and professional cryptocurrency website straight out-of-the-box. It’s responsive and SEO-friendly. Te theme’s download package includes a wide choice of hand-tailored crypto pre-built pages. There are also 8 ready-to-go homepage demos available. The theme also includes crypto plugins made for ICO and business bureau. It is fully compatible with WPBakery, which provides for quick and code-free customization of the theme’s layout. Using Hoverex, you can launch a website in Spanish or English languages out-of-the-box.

Kicker – Multipurpose Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

There is no need to build a design from scratch when you can use a ready-made one. Kicker is a great example of ready-to-go WordPress themes that can become a solid and all-inclusive foundation for blogs and news magazines. The theme is quick and easy to modify using an intuitive drag-and-drop Elementor page builder. The theme also lets you adjust your site’s footer and header sections while using all Elementor components. The Kicker theme also features a wide choice of ready-to-go post layouts, which you can modify the way you wish. Besides, there is an ever-growing collection of demo skins available in the theme’s download package.


45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

WhatFontIs is the best font identifier on the market.

It will help you identify all the fonts you like from pictures and from the web (websites, emails, newsletters, etc.).

The software is absolutely free to use.

Identify all the fonts you like.

Hand Drawn Arrows And More

45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

Hand Drawn Arrows is a collection of fully-hand-drawn arrows, borders, shapes and more. The collection includes 90 hand-drawn vector items perfect for adding a handmade touch to your  design work to illustrate sketch work, journaling, social media graphics, moodboards, collages, cards, quotes, products, and more. Just use your imagination and you will find the uses endless. 

Handcrafted with lots of love the format includes AI, EPS, PDF and SVG files. 


45+ Premium Web Tools & Services For Creating A Super Website In 2021

To be delivered on schedule and to produce high-quality results, every research project must be well-organized and carefully designed. Besides, to comply with initial project plans and deadlines, it is pivotal for researchers to implement the right tools for progress monitoring. 

Luckily for anyone assuming a research project, actiTIME is designed precisely for that. With this tool, one can easily develop workflows, manage tasks and monitor current progress on the Kanban board. As for actiTIME’s core feature, time tracking, it allows users to collect daily performance data through detailed time logs. Consequently, the submitted time tracking data can be analyzed by running reports, which provide users with a comprehensive picture of productivity dynamics and help them evaluate the chances of meeting project deadlines and budgeted estimates. 

The above rich functionality makes actiTIME a perfect solution for those who want to increase performance efficiency either at the individual or team level. The tool’s user-friendly interface and flexible configuration are two other points in its favor. In addition, actiTIME is very affordable and has a free version for single users and small teams of up to three members. It means that you have an opportunity to boost productivity and attain superior performance outcomes in your research project at absolutely no cost! Sign up for a free actiTIME trial and bring your productivity to the next level. 

Abstract Forex Rates API 

If you need a reliable and high-performance IP geolocation API key, you can get it right now for free from Abstract. Get your free API key.


No matter what you need to be done, these web tools and services will help you big time.

If not, you can anytime choose outsourcing.

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