The Most Used Fonts in the Ads War – Last one will surprise you


Companies from several domains (car producers, fast food chains, mobile phones manufacturers, supermarkets, and others) have long wars in billboards and ads, each one telling different things and facts about the other one, or they just respond to the ”attack”. Creating such ads is not complicated but you need the right message, picture, and font. From a font perspective, it is very interesting to see which are the most used fonts in the ads war – last one will surprise you.

This type of advertising is allowed in US, but from what I know, it is not legal in Europe. You cannot advertise your product or service by using or attacking a company. I personally appreciate this type of advertising as long as it is not going over a line.

Usually, both companies from the ads war will win, whatever the ads are saying. Each brand as its own fans and they will not easily digest or believe in an ad from a competitor.

From our perspective, the best font finder on the market, it is interesting to analyze the fonts they use and how they match the fonts, with the overall design, and with the message of the ad.

These are the most ssed fonts in the ads war – last one will surprise you

HelveticaGet it here

Helvetica seems to be used by both BMW and Audi brands in this very long advertisement war which is ingenious. Who won? You decide.

It started here.

Right after, Audi started the war and replied.

When Audi launched the new Audi A4, they again invited BMW to join the advertisement war.

BMW was brilliant with the following message, which was very representative for their brand image.

The very best move that BMW did against Audi in the billboard war, was this. When Audi did the R8, they had a car in a league where BMW was not present, so they used it against BMW.

BMW tied a balloon to the Audi billboard showing their Formula 1 car and said “Game over”.

Times New RomanGet it here

Believe or not, Times New Roman is used with huge success in many of the best advertisements.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi used this font in one of their ad war.

MonatikGet it here.

PC and MAC appeared in tons of ads.

Here it is one.

As you see, the man that represents the PC is a bit older, and he is wearing an old costume, like men used to wear long time ago, while the MAC is fresh, in a much better physical condition and with a way better attitude.

The font was very well selected for this ad war. What do you think?

We don’t know the font used by Nando’s Singapore but we can find it out in less than 60 seconds, using the best font finder on the market – WhatFontIs.

Here is how we did it.

We took the picture and uploaded it on WhatFontIs.

We crop it and inserted the characters (happens automatically for registered users).

Right after, WhatFontIs presented us 60 similar fonts, both free and paid.

We easily found out that Nando’s Singapore used the TT Rounds Condensed otf (700) font and that we can get it from here.

WhatFontIs is the single font finder software that will help you identify both free and paid fonts, that is loaded with over 600k indexed fonts, and which works with all font foundries, including Google fonts.

Use WhatFontIs whenever you need to identify a font from a picture, in 1 minute or less, for free. The powerful AI software is lightning fast and very accurate.

As I said, you cannot guess which font is the last one. Even if I pay you 1 million dollars. It is impossible to guess it. Take a look.

A local meat store used this awesome ad to get in front of their local competition. They used real meat to write down their message.

The cost? Minimum. Originality? At its maximum level. Did it work? From what we could find out, it was a blast in the neighborhood.

They made a very clear statement, they have meat, a lot, and it is looking fantastic.

Key Takeaways

What you should take from this article are these 3 things:

  • Ads war are cool and can help you get huge exposure. Just don’t pass a certain line. Usually all included parties win from this.
  • It is super simple to identify a font from any given picture. Use WhatFontIs, you don’t need any special skills or previous experience. It will quickly you show you tens of fonts, both free and paid, and where to get it from.
  • Be original. A meat store used their main product as typography. This was super cool and many other stores can use their products to do the same (Lego, a brick factory, a pillow store, and so on).

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