How And Why To Create Engaging Email Signatures

How And Why To Create Engaging Email Signatures

Do you know how and why to create engaging email signatures?

How And Why To Create Engaging Email Signatures

Email signatures are a super useful marketing tool that are not used at their maximum potential.

Think about it for a moment or two.

How many emails are you sending every single day?

Probably many of these emails are sent to people that are outside of your organization and potential customers.

So why don’t you use email signatures to transmit important information to your potential customers and partners?

Stick with me and by the end of the article you will have a brilliant and free way to boost your marketing.

Why create engaging email signatures?

Before answering this question, lets discuss about basic email signatures.

Most times, email signatures include this information:



            Phone number

            Job role

            Company name

Sometimes, there is also a picture of the person or the logo of the company.

Is all this information useful and needed?

Yes, it is.

But you could do a lot more.

And it is 100% free.

It is your choice to do more or to stick with a classic email signature that says the very same thing that all email signatures do.

So why create engaging email signatures?

It is simple, because your emails travel the whole world to your partners, employees, customers, and potential customers.

Emails represent your very own space in which you can advertise or write information.

Using email signatures, you can easily include information about a crazy deal that your company has, about a blog post that you think they will find highly interesting, about the fact that you are hiring, and so on.

How many of you are using this space as such?

When used correctly, email signatures can and will generate sales, traffic, and conversions.

And you get all of these for free.

Now here is how to do it.

How to create engaging email signatures

To create engaging email signatures, you need more than the basic information we discussed about (name, email, company, job role, phone, website, etc.).

So first you will need to think what people would love to see in your emails.

Would they love to get awesome monthly or weekly deals?

Or maybe they would prefer to receive information about your last blog post.

Be careful to include only information that you consider super useful and deals that are really good.

If not, people will stop checking your email signature or will even get mad on your emails.

Once you decide what you will additionally include in your email signatures, think how you will do it.

Normally is best to add an exciting graphic banner with that information.

To do that, you can easily use a free graphic software like Canva.

Or if you have the skills, you can use Photoshop or any other software.

Don’t forget to pay huge attention to the font that you will use. It is a good idea to use a different font from the one you are using for the rest of your email signature. But stick with a font that complements and works with the original email font.

What is highly important is to have a very nice looking and engaging banner.

You can have every week a new banner, or you can change the banner each month.

The same banner can be used all over your organization or different departments can use different web banners.

This is a great idea to try too.

Sale department could use a “super deal” banner and the support department can use information about FAQ or a blog post.

Be consistent, make great banners, and the most important – include top information or deals.

And of course, track the results so you can find out what works and what should be improved.


Start using email signatures at their maximum potential and your organization will get more sales and traffic, without investing money, just a bit of your time.