Top Favorite Netflix Series and their fonts

Netflix series fonts
Netflix series fonts

Game of Thrones is over, it is high time to start binging on other series! And where else to watch series one after another, than on Netflix? We decided to to share with a top of our favorite Netflix series and their corresponding fonts.

Black Mirror 

Black Mirror Netflix Series

Black mirror is a sci-fi anthology series that shares insights on how humanity’s greatest innovations and high-tech future will twist the world and will uncover our dark instincts. The font is Proxima Bold Nova and it has an interesting cracked effect added by the designers. This typeface bridges the gap between fonts like Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk. The result is a hybrid that combines modern proportions with a geometric appearance. It suits the topic of the series perfectly !

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Netflix series

We think Breaking Bad could be of the most intense series on Netflix! The adrenalin of  each episode keeps us wanting to see more and more episodes. Who wouldn’t want to see the full transformation of Walter White from a normal chemistry teacher into a BAD guy? If we take a look at the font of the logo, the uppercase characters look like they came straight from the chemistry periodic table. We even managed to find a font that resembles to their font and guess the name? It is called Heart-Breaking-Bad font! 

Gossip Girl

We have to admit that we enjoy watching how super privileged private-school kids seem to get away with everything. There are interesting twists in the the plot and constant changes in the love triangles. After searching for the Gossip girl font we came across Helvetica Neue that seems to look similar. Feel free to use it for your projects, since the look is quite clean and the descenders of the letters provide a nice effect. 

How I met your mother

How I met your mother Netflix series

The cast is good, the show is great and some of the lines will stuck to your memory and you will hear yourself quoting them! It is a sweet romantic comedy that you must watch! And well…we like Barney Stinson, he’s funny and he challenges us too, not only his friends! Just like we promised, we also searched for the font and it seems to be FF Dax Pro Regular font. It is easy to read and it stands out.


Lucifer Netflix series font

If you ever heard of the expression “devil on earth”, than this is the show for you! Lucifer Morningstar a.k.a the Devil, has decided he’s had enough of being the dutiful servant in Hell so he decided to spend some time on Earth to better understand humanity. We like the show and well, we enjoy seeing Lucifer transform! As for the font, we found the Supernatural Knight font that looks just like the script used in the series. It looks so mysterious!

We hope we talked about at least one of your favorite Netflix series. If you have other recommendations for us or if you want to search for other fonts, visit

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