Beautiful handwritten fonts for your designs

handwritten fonts
handwritten fonts

Nowadays we use the computer so much that we started to wonder if handwriting will become a rare skill, decades from now. If you think about it, when was the last time that you wrote something by hand? And how did the result look like? As strange as it may sound, sometimes we prefer to use a handwritten font for our personal cards, or invitations, instead of writing it ourselves. How so? Well…it could be because we are not comfortable with our own calligraphy, or because the handwritten fonts give that personal feeling, while looking consistent and beautiful, at the same time.

For those that feel the same way, it is time to check some beautiful, handwritten fonts. Some may look imperfect, but who can claim that imperfections aren’t beautiful?

Hand center font

Let’s start with probably the most handwritten looking font out there. It almost reminded us of the days in which we were writing the same letters, over and over again, pages after pages, in order to improve our calligraphy. Back then it used to be a chore. Nowadays, well…we have the keyboard. And Whatfontis.

handwritten font
It looks like a beautiful handwritten font. Even if it’s very 1st grade.

Bright Sight font

The name of this font acts as a description of the end result. It is perfectly imperfect and we like how natural it looks, almost as if it was actually written by hand. You can use it for awesome labeling, clothing, party posters, movie titles, album covers, logos, and even love letters. There are so many ways in which you can use this font! Just be creative.

handwritten font
What do you think. Will she show up to the party?


If you want your design to be more unique, then the Scriptina font is the perfect choice to make it stand out. This beautiful handwritten font has a lot of personality and we just love the style of the descenders.

Don’t be mysterious. Feel free to write your name.

Serendipity one ttf

Serendipity is a lovely, elegant handwritten font. The calligraphy is absolutely beautiful and has a clean finish. It can almost trick you into believing that someone actually took the time to write it. You can use it for cards, labels or on any print layout, if you want evoke emotion and establish a connection.

handwritten fonts
With this font, everyone will appreciate your handwriting skills.
We won’t share your secret!

La Parisienne

This calligraphic font has personality. It is elegant, yet friendly. It looks reliable, makes you feel safe and creative, at the same time. This cursive font is legible and has pretty ascenders, which could make it an ideal fit for your future projects and designs.

La parisienne

There are no limits to the cursive, handwritten fonts. For your day to day inspiration you can check Pinterest and even practice your own writing skills, and then you can also check the fonts on Whatfontis. There are plenty of beautiful fonts to choose from, we assure you.

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