Manly fonts for hand-crafters

manly fonts
manly fonts

In this world, there are different fonts for different folks! Manly fonts, feminine fonts, rock & roll fonts or some bits of everything, such as manly fonts for hand-crafters. Whether you are passionate about crafting or already own your personal atelier or shop, you should have a good logo, that could represent the quality of your work, as well as the amount of passion you put into working.

This article will show some manly fonts for those of you that enjoy creating and are not afraid of getting your hands dirty.


Let’s start with the Barnhouse font!

Barnhouse manly font

In a barnhouse, the amount of work that needs to be done is tremendous. Many tools, wooden tables and plenty of decorations should be found. Regardless of your crafting choice, this font definitely screams masculinity!


Now let’s move our attention to Bartender!

Bartender manly font

Bartender has a collection of 14 fonts, all perfect for your logo design, looking absolutely perfect on posters or decorations. We chose the simple version, but there is the script version as well which can complement perfectly any design.


Who said manly fonts cannot be cursive?

This hand type font is a good choice for handicrafts. Choose the colours wisely and achieve an almost vintage effect for your designs. Decorate the wall on which you hold your tools with a cool poster and Brannboll fonts.

DrusticDialy Sans otf

Next font is all about the rust and dust!

When handcrafting, there will be rust and dust on a daily basis, for sure! Drusticdialy has a bit of everything. Choose it if you want to achieve this rustic and rough effect on your logos and designs.


Finally, we shall end this article with a legendary typeface!

This typeface made us think of metal, somehow. If you are a modern blacksmith, then other people should know it! Decorate your atelier or garage with posters, add this font and some flames effect and it will be legendary!

Even if our article is ending here, it doesn’t mean that your quest for fonts does too! If you want to search for more manly fonts that would work great with the art of handcrafting, then Whatfontis is waiting for your with over 550.000 fonts!

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