Party fonts for party animals

party fonts for party animals

Be it summer or winter, we all learned something from the Great Gatsby: a little party never killed nobody! Nobody can refuse good music, refreshing drinks and quality time spent with friends, all mixed up into one social form of expression: partying. Whether you’re planning a small party just for you and your close ones or you’re part of a greater planning team trying to organize the party of the century, one thing is clear: you will need an awesome font, to ask people to join the party. WhatFontIs is here to the rescue, with some cool party fonts you’ll simply adore. Check them out down below!

Budmo Jiggler

This font screams fancy parties, loud music and all night dancing. It’s bold, daring and makes us think about the good old-fashioned parties we saw in the Great Gatsby. Put this on a poster or on a Facebook event cover and people will be without a doubt intrigued to join your celebration. Give it a shot!


For us, Breamcatcher is all about summery, boho-chic parties with chill music and loose outfits. Although it’s an all-caps font, it has a certain sensitive and fragile look to it that makes it ideal for relaxed events. Moreover, its overall look is flattering and will pop-up from any Facebook or Instagram post.

Almonte Regular

You’ve been scrolling through party fonts, searching for a bold, appealing choice? Well, your search is over. Almonte Regular is one of those fonts that will stand out no matter what. It’s bold, easy to read and, to be honest, not difficult to pair up at all. And, because it has such a neutral look to it, it can be used no matter the theme of your party. So what are you waiting for?


Looking for something relaxed, childish and handwritten? Pecita is one of those fonts that really caught our eye. We think it’s perfect for themed parties because it adds a certain personal touch to the invitation. Although it’s a script-looking font, Pecita is easy to read, so you don’t need to worry about legibility.


The Abberancy font is one futuristic-looking font and, for some odd reason, we think it’s more than perfect for New Year’s Eve parties. It definitely made us plan ahead and prepare for the future! This bold font stands out and seems to be more than ready to deal with what the New Year has to offer. Therefore, don’t hesitate and invite your guests in style at your party with Abberancy.

On, you can find tons of awesome fonts, perfect for a lot of projects. From party invites and posters and all the way to T-shirt fonts and postcard fonts, this font identifier is heaven on Earth. To sum up, is a must-try for all font lovers out there.

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