Harry Potter fonts you will love

Harry Potter fonts you'll love

September is only one week away and we couldn’t do anything but hope that this year will be our lucky one. The year when our childhood dream might come true. The year we’ll receive the most desired letter of all times: the acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When growing up, we fell in love with the magical Harry Potter universe and this feeling stuck with us until the very present. Because autumn is a good time to reminisce about the Harry Potter universe, we found some amazing Harry Potter fonts for your personal designs. Check them out down below!

Harry Potter font

We couldn’t begin in any other way. The classic Harry Potter lettering is one of our favourites and a must for the most passionate fans out there. Create awesome designs and sprinkle some magic on them by using this font.

Lumos font

And there was light! This enchanting charm couldn’t match a more perfect font than the one up above. There’s something out of this world about Lumos and it will undoubtedly stand out regardless the design. So don’t be afraid to join the magical world of fonts!

A Charming Superexpanded font

Moving on, A Charming Superexpanded font looks as if it belongs in one of Hermione’s books. As its name implies, it’s charming, coiled up and fancy. It effortlessly speaks up to you and it sends out some fairy tale vibes to pretty much everything written using it.

Blackadder font

For some strange reason, Blackadder makes us think about Sirius Black, Harry’s godfather. It’s imposing, serious (got, it? Serious, Sirius?) and elegant, just as Sirius Black is in the Order of Phoenix part. Might look awesome on some official documents, if you are willing to spice up their look a little bit.

Aquiline font

Tall, cursive and elegant, Aquiline could easily pass as the official Dumbledore font. If we close our eyes, we might even picture the old and soft-hearted wizard sitting at his desk and calmly writing important matters on parchment. For cool and magical pieces of writing, go for Aquiline!

Magic School font

Last but not least, we couldn’t not talk about Harry Potter fonts without mentioning the Magic School font. It’s bold, magical and has a little something that differentiates it from all the previous fonts: bolts of lightning similar to the one on Harry’s forehead decorate some of the letters.

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