What if countries were fonts?

if countries were fonts

It’s a known fact that all countries have their own unique personality. Whether we’re talking about Italy and its picturesque landscapes, France and its bohemian atmosphere or the famous Greek hospitality, we have a clue about what to expect when going on a trip. However, have you ever thought that certain fonts could easily illustrate the whole personality of a particular country? We have and we are ready to show you some of our most representative finds.


The beautiful landscapes of Italy, the air filled with centuries of history and the Italian’s gourmand spirit can be easily be illustrated with the Roman Antique font. Due to its antique aspect, this serif font looks as if it comes straight from the Italian monuments. It’s as Italian as a mozzarella, so don’t hesitate to use it in case your work needs such a vibe.


When we think about France, a bohemian scenery pops in our mind: a glass o champagne, a buttery croissant, stripes and a red beret, black sunglasses and the Eiffel tower in the distance. France is elegant, stylish and minimalist. No wonder we thought about French Bistro JNL font as most representative.

The French Bistro JNL font.


There’s no place more homecoming than Greece. The fine sand, the sun’s warm embrace and the heavenly beaches make you want to move in for good. If you plan on embellishing you local hometown with a piece of Greek culture, check out the Greek Black SCF font.

The Greek Black SCF font.


Oh, the colourful Mexico! The heart of all fiestas, Mexico is a wonderful place for adventures. Its sunny beaches, warm days and happy people will put a smile on your face that won’t disappear easily. For a pinch of Mexican vibes, check out the Mexican font.

The Mexican font.


Oriental, mystic and out of this world, Morocco is a magic place on Earth. This diverse country will charm you with its landscapes, the architecture will amaze you and keep you coming back for more. The Morocco Regular font is a quick teaser that might convince you to give this country a go.

The Morocco Regular font.

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