Popular video games fonts part 1

popular video games font

Did you know that 60% of all Americans play video games every day? Whether we’re talking about shooter, action or casual games, there are a few notorious names that pop into our minds. I mean, we all have a brother, a cousin or a friends that babbles non-stop about some new launched game. Part of the popular culture nowadays, we clearly understand the enthusiasm and we couldn’t hold our curiosity to ourselves when it came to popular video games fonts. After a short research, we came across to some of the popular ones, found out their story and the font they used to write down the title.

Grand Theft Auto

In Grand Theft Auto, one of the most known action-adventure game, you can play the bad guy, roam the streets of Los Santos and rob banks or assassinate people. It may not sounds as cool as it is, but once you’ll start playing it, you’ll be charmed by the story and the characters. Their font choice is pretty similar to the Pricedown Black font.

Red Dead Redemption

The first part of this action adventure game based in the Western world follows the story of John Marston, a gang leader that turns out to be betrayed by his mates. The second one is a prequel and follows the story of another member of the same gang. Both games use a certain morality system that influences the status-quo and the honour of the main character. Not to mention, their font looks pretty much like the Chinese Rocks Bold font.

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is a series of action-adventure games that presents the eternal, never-ending conflict between Assassins and Templars. Based on the novel Alamut, written by Vladimir Bartol, the game is a mixture of historical and fictional facts. And, when it comes to their font, our blind guess would be the Assassin font.


As we all might’ve heard, Fortnite is a shooter game available in two modes. In the first one, you and 3 other players fight against zombie-like creatures, while the second mode is a battle for survival between you and other 99 players. Curious about their font? It’s called Burbank Big Condensed and you can find it on own website.

Need For Speed

Crazy races and amazing car designs. You can find them all in the racing Need for Speed series. You can choose from 23 different games, depending on your mood. Feeling old-school? Go for the ’94 NFS version. Want to experience the latest trends when it comes to cars and, oh well, virtual illegal racing? Wait for it. EA Games is preparing a new game that will be launched this year. Until then, check out their font: the NFS font.

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