Fashion fonts you’ll love to use

fashion fonts you'll love to use

Fashion comes and goes, but some fashion fonts never fade away. They’re iconic, elegant and seem to be a good fit for many projects. Printed magazines, huge billboards or online video ads, these fonts always manage to catch our attention and fascinate us with their sleek lines and elegant curves. Whether you’re working or not in the enchanting fashion world, we might’ve activated your curiosity regarding fashion fonts. Walk with us on the fonts catwalk and check out our top picks for the day!


Didot is, by far, one of the most recognisable fashion fonts ever. It was created in 1784 and still manages to be as fresh today as it was hundreds of years ago. We see it on the cover of Vanity Fair and, lately, on each and every Zara store worldwide. Therefore, don’t hesitate when it comes to Didot! It’s a strong, fashion font and it will undoubtedly make your creations very chic and haute couture.


Now, let’s move our attention to Chloe. Feminine, bold and curvy, Chloe will surely stand out on every design you put it on. Due to its looks, it’s very suitable for titles. Whether you want to place it on a mockup magazine cover, on a poster or on a visual on social media, have no worries. It will catch people’s attention in no time!

The Style Edit

Did you ever need a cool signature for a creative project? In cases like these, The Style Edit font is the right choice for you. Smooth, eye-catchy and playful, this font will stand in for a great signature. Moreover, it will blend in amazingly with the rest of the elements while taking your design from nada to Prada.


From our point of view, Quirk got its inspiration from the 50’s. The rounded tails, the all caps glyphs and the bold appearance are things that pop out. However, if used abundantly, it might get a little hard to read. So, our advice is only use it for emphasis. You know what they say, less is more.


Until now, we’ve seen some classy, elegant fonts. It’s high time we moved our attention to something bold, modern and a bit futuristic, we might say. We’re talking about Kaiju, a font that will truly make your designs stand out. Where do you think it would look best? Because we’re picturing a whole new fashion magazine just around the corner with its name written in Kaiju.

Editorials, interviews, covers or key visuals, they all need a good font to best encapsulate the feeling you want to express. Haven’t found it yet? Check out for over 550k font choices.

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