Easy to use dingbat fonts for your decorations


We’re pretty sure that most of you already know what dingbat fonts are. But in case some of you believe that these are some fonts that have bat wings as ascenders, we guess we’ll just have to explain. In typography, a dingbat, also know as a printer’s ornament or printer’s character, is an ornament, character, or spacer used in typesetting, often employed for the creation of box frames. So no relation with bats, whatsoever.

There are a lot of dingbat fonts to choose from, depending on your projects. The good part though is that most of them are free for personal use, so you can try them out to see if you like them.

Look sir droids, font

If you weren’t a fan of robots and droids growing up then…you should have been one! We like them now too, especially R2-D2 and C3-PO. You can use them to decorate your children’ notebooks or to create original posters, or even to give them as stickers if they behave well.

dingbat fonts

Food dingbat font

First robots, now let’s move on to food. There are many ways in which you can use dingbat fonts. You can print them on paper or vinyl and cut them to decorate future gifts or stick them onto your favorite objects. You can also use them as tags and if you feel creative. If colored they would look tastier.

dingbat fonts

Sugar Coma font

After all that food, we had to search for a dingbat font that would make us think of dessert. If you have friends with a sweet tooth and usually offer them sweets instead of real presents, then you could use some of the sugar coma fonts to decorate the wrapping paper, or print them on their birthday cards. They really pop out!

dingbat fonts

Sport font

We picked this font because after all this food talk we got hungry and if we want to stay in shape, we should at least think about burning those calories! If you have friends that are passionate about sports and always stay active, then you could use this dingbat sport font to create some cool T-Shirts with their favorite sport.

Vehicular font

If you’re still planning your holiday or think about buying some tickets and surprise your closest friends or family members, then it’s time to start searching for your destination and book your flight! Whichever you will choose, decorations or holiday destinations, we’re sure you’ll have fun. !

When it comes to dingbat fonts, there is no obstacle staying in the way. Only your imagination. If you want to see more dingbat fonts, try WhatFontIs.com. We already know that you’ll find your signature font for your projects!

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