Funniest font names

A font has no name
#facelessgod #facelessfont

Who knew that the font industry has so much freedom that there is barely any naming convention? Some script designers seem to enjoy picking funny names for their fonts, as a reflection of their playful personality. We came across some funny, interesting font name choices, that seem to be in perfect accord with their typewriting pattern.


We found a font that HAS NONAME. We are guessing that the designer couldn’t decide between several options, therefore he/she gave up. Or maybe the Faceless Men of Braavos sent Arya over to the designer’s house. On a more serious note, this typewriting looks very urban and gives a graffiti, artsy feel to it. It would make a good script style for video games, music posters and would make a Skateboard fan really happy.

Too much too drink font

Yes, we know you think we added an extra o in there… However, we are pretty sure we didn’t make a spelling error. This supper funny font contains an extra letter in its name, and it seems to have been left there intentionally. We believe the font designer wanted to match the font name with its look, and picked this unstable lettering style. Diverting choice! This font would be very suitable for a party invitation message.

Too much coffee and Donuts font

We have a hunch that the designer of this script was an undercover police officer. After the previous font style, we thought that the too much coffee and donuts was the perfect next choice. Who has too much coffee and donuts anyway? We know for sure that on busy days with low energy, this sugary mix can boost up any creativity level. The personal style of this typewriting is a direct reflection of its name and could make any coffee lover happy, if you would print it on a personal item.

KG Life Is Messy font

KG Life is Messy Font was designed by Kimberly Geswein in 2016 and it is actually a handwritten font. It’s a messy, markered, painted font in pure fanciful and messy style. Use it where you want to achieve a not so clean style. Feel free to be creative.

Clean up your mess font

Even if life can be messy at times we still need to clean up our mess. The style of this font is very clean and simple as the name would suggest. We trust it would make the perfect choice for any poster/invitation since it appears as if it was written by hand and looks more personal.

Funny Bone JF font 

Funny Bone will fix your ulnar nerve from so much work with its healing exuberance! This style makes use of size variations and a modulated baseline to wield its charm. It looks like a digital reinterpretation of the typositor machine. Perfect for any light hearted design or for anyone who’s still a kid at heart.

We hope that we got you inspired with the selection that we carefully prepared for you. If you want to find more fonts, either for personal or professional use, check out Amongst the over 550,000 available fonts, you’ll definitely find what you are looking for.


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