Top clean fonts for your blog

top 10 clean fonts for your blog

If you enjoy browsing through blog articles once in a while, you definitely understand and acknowledge the importance of a good font. They set the mood when it comes to a particular blog and manage to communicate much more than it might seem at a first glance. Just like picking the right theme, colours and templates, fonts say a lot about someone’s personality. Because one of their most important feature is readability, we found some clean fonts that will look good on your blog. Check them out down below!

Soleil Book font

Minimalist, easy to read and elegant. That’s how we would describe Soleil Book. It suitable for both headings and body, offering your blog a very neat aspect.

Faricy New Bold font

Considering the fact that it’s a bold font, Faricy New Bold will be more suited for headings. Therefore, you’ll be able the break down the text into paragraphs and beautifully mark some pauses.

Europa Grotesk font

Europa Grotesk is a basic, easy to read font that will come in handy when you plan on writing about more serious aspects. It’s sober, simple and objective, so don’t hesitate on choosing it.

Museo Sans Display font

By far, Museo Sans is one of our favourite clean fonts! It’s chic and legible, making it more than perfect for fashion & beauty blogs. Just as Faricy New Bold, we see it more appropriate for headings.

Semplicita Pro font

From our point of view, Semplicita Pro is the font definition of a clean and sleek look. Its harmonious lines, lack of serifs and overall roundness is very appealing to the eye. So why not choose it?

Fiona font

Just like the lovely princess Fiona from Shrek, there’s no way you won’t love the Fiona font. Making us think about beauty and fashion editorials, this font is suited for the haute couture industry, being amongst the best choices for fashionistas writing about the latest trends.

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