Pin-up inspired fonts we love

Pin-up inspired fonts we love

Sometimes, old-school is better than new-school. We can say that we love old-fashioned commercials and brands that managed to keep a pinch of vintage in their current branding. Cola-Cola, Marshall, Lee Cooper or the notorious Lucky Strike pop in our mind and fascinate us with their appearance. We couldn’t help ourselves not to notice their pin-up inspired fonts. Because old-school is cool, looks good and has a certain vibe to it that we adore, we searched for a few vintage fonts. By the end of our research, we gathered 5 fonts we absolutely adore. Check them out down below.

Pin-up One font

It’s so old-school and we think it would look good for titles or even for a particular branding. We don’t know why, but this font got us thinking about strawberry ice-cream with a cherry on top. So it might be good for an ice-cream shop.

Pinup font

Moving on, this font is definitely perfect for headings, whether we’re talking digital or print. It’s bold and it stands out, capturing your attention in the blink of an eye.

Frontage Condensed 3D font

Very simple, yet so charming and glamorous. This font got us thinking about the ’50 and the Gatsby inspired parties. So why not put it on a party invitation?

Pontiac Inline Regular font

Looks extremely art deco, right? We couldn’t love it more and we can already picture it around town, on lots and lots of posters announcing the latest events.

Ahkio Bold font

By far, this is our favourite pick from these pin-up inspired fonts. It has a bit of comic book in it, it’s playful and foxy and we’d love to see them more often around us. Not to mention that this would help you create some really cool vintage inspired visuals.

Looking for font inspiration? Well, is the right place for you. And if you are a pin-up lover, cheer up! These 5 fonts (and many other) would look so cool on T-Shirts or posters.

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