Bullet journals and fonts that match

best fonts for bullet journals

For the hobby-seekers out there, bullet journals might be a nice way to spend free time while planning future activities. In case you don’t know much about this kind of journals, grab a seat and some chips and keep on reading. We’re pretty sure you’re going to fall for them and, before you even realise, you’ll start searching for cute and easy to replicate fonts to fill out the pages.

What is a bullet journal?

Basically, a bullet journal uses bullets as core structure. This allows you to create a personalised journal, to track your tasks and to think outside the box. The whole point of this new approach of journaling is to stick only to the essential. Forget about those long sentences, about the short novelty stories you used to write while describing or planning your days. Bullet journals are all about quick notes, symbols and sketches. You can go crazy with the lettering, you can even choose drawing instead of writing. It’s all about you and your personal style.

If we caught your attention and you’re into this kind of journals now, read more about them here. You’ll find out everything you need to know.

Also, if you want to master the art of bullet journals, check out a few fonts that might inspire you to create some unique pages.

Perfect fonts for your bullet journal

From Carton Blocks font

From Carton Blocks font.

It looks cute, it stands out. It’s perfect for headlines and, with a little bit of help from the bullets, you’ll be able to draw it in the blink of an eye.

Mexican Taco Box Regular font

Mexican Taco Box Regular font.

A playful and childish font that’s definitely going to put a smile on your face. Easy to reproduce, it would look good for subheadings.

Liebe Menu Lettering font

Liebe Menu Lettering font.

Trying to plan out your meals? Write them down in your journal and use this beautiful font to point out the highlight of the day.

Strip Deco Regular font

Strip Deco Regular font.

Because it looks as if it’s been taken straight out from the Great Gatsby, we thought it might look good as lists heading. Stands out, looks elegant and it’s to replicate.

Valerian Handwriting font

Valerian Handwriting font.

It’s easy to write and looks clean, cute and neat. This font would look good in your journal for an overall use. Plus, once you get used to it, you’ll write as fast as lightning.

However, if you need some extra fonts, don’t hesitate to go on WhatFontIs.com. You’ll find lots of inspiration there, no doubt!

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