Poster design for movies


When it comes to poster design, inspiration comes from everything that surrounds us. While some people are going to the movies and following the role play of the actors, or just the development of the intrigue, we are also checking the fonts and the poster design! That’s right, we came up with a list of the our favorite movie posters and their fonts.

The Nice Guys

Let’s start with something nice. Not only the guys are nice – who wouldn’t like Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling?! – but the movie and poster design also! It clearly aims to bring back some of the ’70s vibe and the choice of the Pump Pro Triline works just perfect!

Hacksaw Ridge

The fonts for this movie poster and the poster design was simple and powerful, just like the story it’s based on. The Fette Engschript D font is a clean looking Sans Serif. The choice was very inspired, since it doesn’t steal the attention away from the amazing and dramatic photography.

John Wick Chapter 3

We like how the plot of the movie follows the main character, John Wick, constantly on the run. We feel that the font choice for this movie poster is a good fit. Moreover, Avenir Medium Oblique font made us think that John Wick’s faith may be uncertain.

Joker (2019)

Last, but not least, the Prison Pro font adds a touch of mystery and darkness to this poster. Along with the amazing photography, the poster design manages to transmit the fact that we may have a villain in our sight! Watch out!

If you want to search inspiration or the perfect fonts for your poster design, check! Knowing that you can find over 550.000 fonts, we will for sure not disappoint you.

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