Aesthetic fonts that will fit you

Aesthetic fonts that will fit you

Have you ever wondered which is your best suited font from all aesthetic fonts out there? Aesthetic is a way of expressing yourself, therefore finding characteristic font could help you come across your favourite aesthetic as well. Aesthetics can fit in many categories such as fashion, makeup, music and, more recently, fonts. You can notice that various social media accounts use a specific font in their bio that fits their aesthetic feed. 

If you don’t know which aesthetic fits you best, fonts could help you determine your suitable aesthetic category. Check our top categories down below!

E-girls/ E-boys

E-girls and e-boys prefer the Deutsch Gothic font. Deutsch Gothic is based on the old German gothic alphabet. This font gives out a grunge vibe as well as a rebellious teen vibe. It gives the person character and reads as fearless, cool and misunderstood.  If you listen to grunge bands or alternative music, this font can fit you well.

People with a bold fashion style tend to lean towards this font. This font is vintage, yet brought back in use by a modern aesthetic inspired by the emo and goth community. The e-girl and e-boy community rose from the social media platform Tik-Tok and many of them started using this font to fulfil their aesthetical image .

Soft girls/ soft boys

Soft boys and girls are the opposite of e-girls and boys. They are friendlier, more energetic and bubbly. Unlike e-girls and boys, they have a brighter fashion style and their music choice has a cutesier vibe to it rather than grunge.   

Some softies might be very shy, yet give out a cheerful vibe based on their fashion choices. Cursive is the best font for this aesthetic category. The cursive font is smooth, which indicates the softies calm and soothing appearance and attitude. Many softies can be fancy as well and dress elegantly, which correlates with the cursives elegant vibe.

There are a lot of cursive font styles you can choose from. However, a basic cursive font is friendly to all softies.


Pixelated fonts are meant for gamers. They bring back gaming nostalgia for many, since a lot of video games used to use fonts like these. Pixelated fonts make you think of technology, computers and geeky stuff. The font is really direct and easy to read. Using this font as a gamer helps you show your determination when it comes to gaming.

Loads of gaming Youtubers are familiar with this font since it’s majorly used in the gaming community.

Insta models

You’re surely an Instagram model if you love posting your day to day fits for the camera. In this situation, Geotica fonts are all yours. When using a Geotica font, you can be most definite that you are elegant, classy, and fashionable. You can take fashion advice from almost anyone that uses this font since it sways you into believing the person is a fashion guru.

Loads of influencers and Instagram models use this font in their bio, making their feed more captivating and interesting. If you are promoting products as an Instagram model, using this font can be really interesting and genuine for the audience, making you a trustworthy influencer.

Geotica Three font


As a cosplayer, your aesthetic should be based around the Asian culture. A good way to adapt to such culture is using a font that is similar to the Asian alphabet. If you are into anime, manga, Japanese culture and so on, you are already categorised as an otaku, yet a cosplayer dresses up as their favorite characters for entertainment reasons.

Using this font could really have an impact on people’s opinion on you and they will instantly be reminded of Asian culture the minute they see your feed. The slant and figures of the font are really artistic and graceful as well, which makes you come off as a wise person.

Looking for more aesthetic fonts that suit your personality? Go on and check out our collection of over 550k fonts.

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