We are all aware that a huge number of people are watching Game of Thrones at the moment. But do you actually know the numbers behind? As of 2019, before even season 8 comes out, 30 million people were watching the series! While you are waiting for the next season to air, we GOT inspired and wish to present you 3 amazing fonts that will make you crave for future episode even more.

1. Mason Serif Regular Font

Jonathan Barnbrook created the font in 1992, with 19 years before the series had its premiere. So we can agree that he thought of this script long before we GOT infected with the virus of binge-watching. This font is versatile and comes in many styles and can be found here: Mason Serif Regular. We thought you could use this typescript for a history-themed wedding or event! If you feel bold enough, you can even opt for a warrior looking signature at work. Up to you!

Jon Snow fans might disagree! But the Mason Serif Regular is great!

2. Your Royal Majesty Font

Probably one of the most royal looking styles of writing there is out there! For sure you should not use it for a casual note, since it would look very extra. However, this writing style would be majestic on the cover of a book, giving it an ancient feel. It would be suitable for an invitation as well, in case you want to impress your receiver. In that regard, we suggest you send it in an enveloppe, sealed with letter wax. See for yourself Your Royal Majesty font this amazing style! Oh, and remember to train a raven!

Game of thrones inspired text. Looks royal!
So Royal Font, so Cersei Lannister

3. Medieval Dragons Regular font

We could all agree that Game of Thrones would not be such a popular TV show without the dragons. And believe it or not, we even found a writing style that has not one, but many different dragons! It is definitely an interesting style to look at. We believe that Medieval Dragons Regular font would transform any regular piece of clothing into a Game of Thrones fan statement! We recommend printing this on light colored items, and offer it as a gift to those who love magic and video games with ancient creatures!

Daenerys Targaryen is watching over her Medieval Dragons Regular font even here!

If you are looking for an inspiring font just like we did, check out WhatFontIs.com. You can swipe through over 500,000 fonts and discover even more interesting ways of writing!