Top 5 outdated fonts and how to replace them

Top 5 outdated fonts and how to replace them
Top 5 outdated fonts and how to replace them

Like anything else in the world, fonts come and go. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a typeface for a particular design, your options should always be up to date. Forget about those outdated fonts that tend to be used over and over again. Instead, move your attention to emerging fonts and give them a chance. Who knows, you might get to be the one to set the trend. Check out our top 5 outdated fonts and our replacement choices.

Forget about Lato and try TT Norms

TT norms font
TT Norms font

At first sight, they look kind of the same. However, if you pay a little more attention, you’ll notice that TT Norms has got a fresher and cleaner cut.

Raleway is so yesterday, but Clother lives in the present

Clother is not only a lot more aired, but also has a very modern touch to it.

Trivia Serif is the new Playfair Display

Having them both side by side, we can undoubtedly notice that Trivia Serif stands out a little bit more than Playfair Display. Rather similar, we can seriously state that sometimes in the future, Trivia Serif might even replace Playfair Display when it comes to people’s choices.

Vesterbro, not Merriweather

Merriweather is a condensed, rather mechanical font that seemed to attract lots of looks and be a top notch choice for lots of people. Nevertheless, some designs look better with spaced fonts such as Vesterbro.

The day Roboto became San Francisco

They’re almost like two peas in a pod. Even so, San Francisco seem to be a rather preferred choice lately.

Searching for inspiring fonts? Or for that awesome font you saw in that nice store? Then check, you might come across a lot interestingly looking fonts that will replace your day to day choices.

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