Top 7 UI font combinations

ui font combinations

Combining fonts can be, without any doubt, one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do as a creative person. To simply guess some appropriate UI font combinations is unlikely possible. It’s a known fact that not every font goes hand in hand with any other font you find. And, as you might’ve been expecting, you’ll have to take into account lots of different aspects when mixing & matching typefaces.

We’re talking serif and sans serif fonts, stressed letters, body height, glyph width, contrast, apertures, counters. All these elements we previously mentioned in all those typographic principles are aspects that can and will influence how well a font matches one another.

Nowadays, trends have moved our attention towards more and more minimalist fonts, predominantly lacking serifs. Stable, consistent and optimized for all mediums, they might differ from those fonts that are used for branding. But we’ve got good news! We found 7 font combinations that will definitely improve the look of the user interface you are working.

Playfair Display – Source Sans Pro

This font combination looks so good, it’s like they we’re made for each other.

Merriweather – Oswald

Without any doubt, these two fonts really seem to complete one another.

Montserrat – Merriweather

Montserrat font

Merriweather font

It’s a known fact that Montserrat is one of the most loved fonts out there. And this combination surely has a newspaper vibe to it, right?

Raleway – Lato

Where do you see yourself using this one? We think it will be suitable for presentations because both fonts are pretty easy to read.

Elsie – Roboto

By far, this is the most glamorous font combination. And, if we were to really think about it, Elsie looks like a Didone inspired font.

Abril Fatface – Roboto

At our second encounter, Roboto might seem like a really popular font.

Sansita – Open Sans

Finally and without a doubt, this font combination stands for a very popular saying: opposites attract each other.

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