Rome’s top hotels and their fonts

Rome's top hotels and their fonts
Rome's top hotels and their fonts

When in Rome, do as Romans do. Get a nice room in a cozy, romantic, hotel and enjoy your stay. For your next summer vacation in Europe, Italy, we checked the top hotels in Rome, their ambiance and of course, their logos and fonts!

Residenza Napoleone III

Top Hotels in Rome

The Residenza Napoleone III looks breathtaking! Almost like an illustration from a history storybook, it is by far one of the most luxurious top hotels in Rome. The hotel was named after the Emperor Napoleon III who lived there. We checked the font and it looks like ITC Legacy Serif Bold Font. Simple, elegant and classy.

Gran Melia Luxury urban resort

Top Hotels in Rome

The Gran Melia Luxury urban resort is another top hotel located in the heart of historic Rome. Its design is very urban, with lush grounds and pools. The lounge is elegant and all the spaces spaces give a luxury-resort ambiance. We checked the font with our font finder, and it looks like Futura Medium font.

Casa Fabbrini

Top Hotels in Rome

Casa Fabbrini has a mix of designs with both vintage and modern touches. If you want to experiment the feeling of home, while in Rome, this is the right place for you. The font they use for the logo seems to be Jenson Old Style Bold Condensed font.

Villa Laetitia

Top Hotels in Rome

Villa Laetitia was created to inspire the feeling of home. The top hotel has 21 rooms which are located inside the villa. The villa also has a restored garden dating from 1910. For its logo, we found not one, but 5 different types of fonts.

The first of them seems to be Notera Personal Use Only Font. The second one looks like Core Dodam font. The third font is simple and may be Haboro Sans Cond Regular font and the last one Dialog Condensed Roman font.

Going to a top hotel may be a one in a lifetime experience, but if you choose Rome as your destination, it will be a dream come true! In case if you want to bring a piece of Rome into your designs, check out Feel free to explore!

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