Can fonts help us recall things better?

Writing things in hard-to-read fonts.

We all know the struggle of remembering all kinds of information. And, to be honest, we have already tried pretty much everything when it comes to writing important things down. Although, there’s one thing we have never tried before: writing things in hard-to-read fonts.

How can hard-to-read fonts help our memory?

Who would have thought that, in order to make remembering easier, you have to make reading more difficult? According to specialists, fonts that are hard to read help us remember things better. There’s a psychology concept behind this called `desirable difficulty`. Basically, by adding an extra difficulty to a task, our memorizing skills will improve.

Want to hear something fun? Scientists from the Institute of Technology in Australia developed the first font that’s supposed to improve your memorizing skills. Sans Forgetica is a unique-looking sans serif font, with missing bits of letters. This uncommon design makes the reading process a bit difficult, forcing you to re-read a text until you feel that you fully understand it.

Serif or Sans Serif?

There’s a whole dispute behind this. But, to be honest, we don’t think this aspect influences the way we memorise. This aspect is rather aesthetics related. Serif and Sans Serif are both equally legible. So feel free to write your essay or your presentation in a serif font (such as Times New Roman) or in a sans serif one (such as EF Today ). But keep in mind (if you remember, doh!) to choose a font that suits the thing you are writing.

We’re going to keep it classy. So, here’s our top picks font that we think might help you remember: PT Sans or PT Serif.

They’re nice, they’re clean and easy to read. Just a short reminder, you don’t need to remember the fonts when you can check them on WhatFontIs.

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