#AuthenticHipsters may exist

After hearing that a new category of hipsters has risen, we had to see it to believe it. So after research, we simply couldn’t keep ourselves away from believing that they may actually be the Authentic hipsters. Enough with keeping the secret, here it goes, the true hipsters are those that suffered a hip replacement intervention.

As unserious as it may sound, there are actually many funny gifts around this topic and we simply wanted to express our appreciation towards the the fact that even during hard times, people still seem to have a good sense of humor.

So what is a Hipster?

While everybody seems to have the desire of knowing what a hipster is and does, as well as where we can find one, we believe no definition is good enough to answer to the standard questions. To sum up all the theories, we can say that hipsters are individuals that want to know and do new things and are searching to be inspiring all the time.

Short to say that all the industries are targeting this so-called subculture, so we don’t want to disappoint neither. Of course that after all this hipster investigation, we actually came up with the idea of showing you some cool hipster fonts.

The Besom 2 ttf (400) font

This font is available only in big letters and we picked it for its drawn like lettering look. Maybe you have already seen it in various prints, since it works great on handbags made of Organic Cotton, and would look majestic on the front cover of a personal agenda – in which a hipster might write about a new coffee recipe.

Slabbo ttf (400) font

Moving on to another cool font. Slabbo ttf (400) font is very versatile and most definitely very hipster-leaning. It’s a bold and a bit messy, which makes it a perfect match for edgy colored backgrounds. We saw an orange poster with this script on and fell in love with it. Orange is the new black, maybe? Feel free to play with it on any medium you want and do try to make it pop with a touch of bold colors.

Sullivan Regular Font

This is NOT a traditional typeface. We believe that Sullivan is a bold display and we are happy to mention that it comes in more variations. You can find all of them here, or other similar fonts. We picked the Regular variation since it gives a modern feel, very industrial.

Aaminah Regular otf.

Since hipsters are in love with handwriting patterns, we came across this lovely font that has a personal charm to it. Aaminah is perfect for card design, product packaging and why not, for a simple usage as a stylish text overlay to any type of background.

Trend Rough Ornaments font

Our Hipster fonts search would be incomplete if we wouldn’t share this trendy script. It has a lovely, aesthetic look that brings a fashion feel while integrating a lot of elements of the current trend. We could see it on a baby shower invitation, or on a hipster wedding card. Actually, it can be used on anything, without the need of adding extra components. Feel free to be creative.

If you want to integrate our hipster fonts, we invite you to consult our website Whatfontis.com and make a list of your own. You can even upload images and the tool will identify the font for you! Pretty smart, right?

Technical lead at WhatFontIs since 2010 with a (healthy?) obsession for fonts.

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