Cool art-deco fonts you’ll love

cool art-deco fonts you'll love

Before World War I, France blessed us with a beautiful style of visual arts known as art-deco. Its influences spread across many areas such as architecture, design, cinematography, fashion and so on. Inspiration is found everywhere so we couldn’t help ourselves but search for art-deco fonts and art-deco features in typefaces. After a little bit of research, we have a verdict. Their elegance is bedazzling and we simply fell in love with them! Our top picks, down below:

Metropolis 1920 font

This font looks like it popped out of the Great Gatsby movie. Its lines are charming and elegant and it literally takes you back in the ’20. So why not choose it for an event key visual and some invitations?

Praha Deco font

Its looks are a bit maverick and will surely stand out in a crowd of fonts. So don’t hesitate and use Praha Deco on the front page of your designs. This font was inspired by the Prague art-deco movement and is a tribute to the 20th-century architecture.

Artdeco Regular font

If art-deco were a font, this would be it! This typeface contains all caps letters and geometric shapes, all inspired by the wonderful art-deco era. It can be easily used for your personal projects, whether for personal blogs, websites or business cards. It will look smart, clean and sophisticated.

Upper East Side font

We are in love with this typeface, making us think of New York back in the old times. This art-deco font has high ascenders and extra large capitals which will definitely attract the viewer’s attention. Just like everything in those times, the font has contradictory lines, united by the strong desire to look modern. 

Copasetic font

The art-deco trend was influenced by literally everything that surrounded the people. Inspiration was found in the design of buildings, furniture, fashion, cars, movies and even everyday objects such vacuum cleaners. The Copasetic font looks very modern and catchy and it expresses a lot of creativity and edginess. Use it wisely for your personal creative projects.

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