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The Best 7 Fonts For Earth Day 2021

Which are the best 7 fonts for Earth Day 2021? The big day is getting closer and closer and maybe you have cool projects for this special event or you just want to make a cool surprise to your customers, partners, and family members.

Rare And Cool Facts About Fonts – Ep 2

Two weeks ago, we wrote about rare and cool facts about fonts. Today I will continue the series with Episode 2 which has awesome information that you will read with pleasure. You will find another 11 rare and cool facts about fonts, new and exciting stuff.

Harry Potter fonts you will love

September is only one week away and we couldn’t do anything but hope that this year will be our lucky one. The year when our childhood dream might come true. The year we’ll receive the most desired letter of all times: the acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When growing up, we fell in love with the magical Harry Potter universe and this feeling stuck with us until the very present. Because autumn is a good time to reminisce about the Harry Potter universe, we found some amazing Harry Potter fonts for your personal designs. Check them out down below!

Poster design for movies

When it comes to poster design, inspiration comes from everything that surrounds us. While some people are going to the movies and following the role play of the actors, or just the development of the intrigue, we are also checking the fonts and the poster design! That’s right, we came up with a list of the our favorite movie posters and their fonts.

Cool art-deco fonts you’ll love

Before World War I, France blessed us with a beautiful style of visual arts known as art-deco. Its influences spread across many areas such as architecture, design, cinematography, fashion and so on. Therefore, without any doubt, we couldn’t help ourselves but search for fonts that bear art-deco features. After a little bit of research, we have a verdict. Their elegance is bedazzling and we simply fell in love with them! Our top picks, down below.

Aesthetic fonts that will fit you

Have you ever wondered what font your aesthetic has? Your aesthetic is a way to express yourself therefore finding your characteristic font could help you find your favourite aesthetic as well. Aesthetics can fit in many categories such as fashion, makeup, music and, more recently, fonts. You can notice that various social media accounts use a specific font in their bio that fits their aesthetic feed.

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