If you need help, first try the font identifier. At the end of the process if the results are bad you will find a link that lets you post the image to the forum so other users can help you.

I believe this might be ABRIL FATFACE FONT
I’d like to find this exact font if possible
Cabernet Sauvignon looks a lot like it
I can’t find any with the same G
I’m hoping to find this exact font
I’m unable to separate the characters
I would really like to find this exact font if possible
Would like to find this exact font if possible
I found many that are similar
I see many that are similar
I’m unable to get good results
Don’t have a clearer picture
Many look similar
I’m unable to find one where the “t” looks the same
Too many look similar
Won’t let me adjust contrast
It won’t allow me to put in the letters
I’m going to post a URL for the original image
I saw many that look similar
It looks like many
Original picture is found here..
Would like to find something close that’s either free
Thanks in advance
Same photo I posted earlier
Original photo URL
Cannot separate characters
Couldn’t find anything similar. Maybe PUA encoded glyphs were used?
Couldn’t modify image to input characters
It looks so similar to so many
I see several that are very similar
Obviously this is the lowercase
I feel like I’ve seen this
I think it’s Cambria Math, but I can’t get this on my device
Not sure if the “I” is actually smaller in the font..
I found several that look very similar..

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