Identify Web Fonts – Google Chrome Extensions


WhatFontIs comes to Chrome: we managed to teleport the experience of 10+ years in identifying fonts to a Chrome extension.
It will identify any Web Font or font from any website and will also give 60 alternatives (free and commercial).

Long story: Why another Chrome extension for identifying fonts? Since you asked: there are a few extensions that promise they identify web fonts.

They fall short on this promise in two ways:

  • Some give you the name of the font by inspecting the CSS and sometimes you get the font name  as “yfph-n3” (kind of useless in our opinion)
  • Some correctly identify the web font name but give you no clue where to get the font.

We tried to solve those issues. Besides correctly identifying the font name, we also provide you with 60 alternatives from different foundries, free or commercial.

Any thoughts?

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