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Fifi and the Flowertots font
Kroger 70s/80s greeting sign
Place this common 70s font, please?
Babysitting Mama in-game font
Hint: It's NOT Bauhaus
D'Luxe Care
Neither a Goudy nor a Cooper be.
A forgotten font.
"Sesame Street Toddler Books" text font
A Powerpuff font seen almost everywhere
Another forgotten gem
It may look like Staid Gothic... but it's not (or is it?)
Take a crack at this one = "SPACEWARP" logo
Font from "Goodnight Moon" (not the title)
Was this a custom to begin with?
ThunderCats' OTHER font
Any clue?
Kid-inspired, maybe?
Forgot the name
Japanese font
Guesses, anyone?
Any idea on _this_?
A mystery about "Mystery!"
"Wild America" logo font
Unknown font from a 1985 TV commercial for Cimarron Pottery (Tulsa, OK)
"Mark Russell Comedy Special" first logo
Any guesses on _this_ one?
Like no font _I've_ ever seen
"Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" font
Garamond? Baskerville? Goudy? Bodoni?
Nick Jr. Productions font
What's THIS font?
Anglo-EMI font
WIVT logo font
Ford Aerostar font?

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