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As you may imagine WFI was born out of love for typo.
We want to give designers (famous or not) a quick and accurate answer to the brief that sounds like :"See that font? Write my glorious copy/text/headline/message for my daughter's birthday with THAT font".

Since you got to this page we can guess the system worked pretty well for you. Now: the system is made by programmers, designers, system administrators that curate the font collection, improve the algorithms and keep the system up and running.

Like most human beings, despite being made 80% of water, they consume large quantities of coffee.
By large we mean about 2 cups/day for each of them.
Help us feed them by subscribing to the service for...well a few cups of coffee/month.

Thank you !

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characters entered
fonts results
Identify fonts by price
custom preview
character recognition system
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