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What fonts are similar to CONFESSION serif ttf (400)? 100 Free fonts alternatives to CONFESSION serif ttf (400)

27. TPF U13

TPF U13 Sample
$ Free
Personal Use
TPF U13 font

46. Granada

Granada Sample
$ Free
Personal Use
Granada font

65. Janji

Janji Sample
$ Free
Personal Use
Janji font

68. Ariq

Ariq Sample
$ Free
Personal Use
Ariq font

97. Joyeux

Joyeux Sample
$ Free
Personal Use
Joyeux font

98. Pindunk

Pindunk Sample
$ Free
Personal Use
Pindunk font

99. Vintage

Vintage Sample
$ Free
Personal Use
Vintage font

100. Indiana

Indiana Sample
$ Free
Personal Use
Indiana font
What fonts are similar to CONFESSION serif ttf (400)?
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