Spranq eco sans
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Font: Spranq eco sans
Distribution type: Free for personal use
Copyright c 2003 by Bitstream Inc All Rights Reserved Bitstream Vera is a trademark of Bitstream Inc Permission is hereby granted free of charge to any person obtaining a copy of the fonts accompanying this license Fonts and associated documentation files
Date added: Jul 25 2010

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Tags: spranq eco sans regular version august 2009 designed base bitstream vera font family http www copyright 2003 rights reserved trademark permission granted free charge person obtaining copy fonts accompanying license documentation files software reproduce distribute including limitation merge publish sell copies permit persons furnished subject conditions notices notice included typefaces modified altered added designs glyphs characters additional renamed names words word null void extent applicable distributed sold part larger package provided warranty kind express implied limited warranties merchantability fitness purpose noninfringement patent event gnome foundation liable claim damages liability general special indirect incidental consequential action contract tort arising inability dealings contained advertising promote sale prior written authorization information contact dot org ecofont save ink

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