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Font: Bradley Gratis
Distribution type: Commercial
Digitized by Justin Callaghan Dedicated to the public domain This work may be freely reproduced distributed modified or otherwise exploited by anyone for any purpose commercial or non-commercial
Date added: Jul 24 2010

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Tags: bradley gratis regular fontlab30 ttexport bradleygratis justin callaghan 1895 typeface credited joseph warren phinney based lettering henry william christmas cover harper bazaar magazine digitization specimen dover gothic english alphabets 100 complete fonts selected arranged dan solo solotype typographers catalog person persons work document dedicator dedicate entire copyright authorship identified public domain makes dedication benefit large detriment heirs successors intends overt act relinquishment perpetuity present future rights law vested contingent understands includes enforce lawsuit copyrights recognizes freely reproduced distributed transmitted modified built exploited purpose commercial including methods invented conceived http creativecommons org licenses publicdomain

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